Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #29 2021 Roundup

Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #29 of 2021 is here and features cover and lead colours pages for Mashle: Magic and Muscles. Series also featuring colour pages this week are Dr. Stone and Witch Watch. Jujutsu Kaisen and One Piece are both absent this week.

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Spoilers ahead!

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Ch. 67  – Cover/Lead Colour Page

Only the fight between Mash and Cell War was covered in this chapter. A shame because the other fight happening seems a lot more interesting. Also because this fight was a little lacklustre compared to what we have come to expect from Mashle

Blue Box Ch. 10

Taiki’s nervousness over the badminton tournament is universal. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this situation to some degree. The forgetfulness and in some cases, definitely Taiki’s, clumsiness. Taiki appears like the kind of person who can use his nervousness to motivate himself. Not to mention his promise to Chinatsu.

My Hero Academia Ch. 316

I’ve made comparisons to Batman previously regarding the darker tone that My Hero Academia has taken. And it’s clear that Deku is taking on that darker anti-hero vibe. Shouldering all of the responsibility and turning away the hands that offer help. I can envision a future where we see the students of UA have to force Deku to stop. 

The Elusive Samurai Ch. 21

In a rare turn of events, this chapter was actually enjoyable. Seeing the young lord in action against a seasoned warrior. Employing his skill of retreat to counteract the armour of a bigger opponent played out very well. 

Black Clover Ch. 296

Nice to see Black Clover return and with an epic chapter to boot. The clash between Noelle and Vanica is in full swing and both are going all out. The action was nonstop in this battle, save for a slight flashback to Noelle’s mother, and I just want more.

Dr. Stone Ch. 201 – Colour Page

At the mercy of radio wave interference from Why-man, they decide on using morse code to communicate between the separated groups. Chrome, now learnt up on morse code, makes a startling discovery. Why-man’s message can be interpreted in a different way. “Do you wanna die?” that’s the chilling message being blasted from the Moon. The question remains how is Why-man still transmitting these messages. Pre-recorded and replayed is the easiest guess but how has the equipment lasted for so long? 

Sakamoto Days Ch. 28

Pretty sure I’ve seen the using water to detect an invisible guy routine done before in movies. A lot of movie references throughout this series to be fair. Makes one wonder if the author is a movie buff. 

Mission: Yozakura Family Ch. 87

Shion is perhaps the most nonchalant of the Yozakura family. So to see her worked up over what clothes to wear to a meetup, not date, with a spy associate made for a fun chapter. Her realisation blush at the end was priceless. 

Witch Watch Ch. 19 – Colour Page

This series is really hitting highs and lows, but this chapter was definitely a high. What started out fairly standard turned into an emotional journey. If this is the narrative structure we can expect going forward then we’re in for a treat.

Me & Roboco Ch. 46

Roboco telling fortunes through the rear of her underwear. That would normally be a weird sentence if I wasn’t talking about this series. While the premise was weird I was expecting some kind of punchline but none ever came. Is this series supposed to be funny?

Ayakashi Triangle (Web-Only, 18+) Ch. 49

Not so heavy-handed with the plot this week but still enough to keep those looking for it satisfied. 

Candy Flurry (Ame no Furu) Ch. 9

A showdown of sweets and harsh words in this weeks chapter as Tsumugi lays into the spikey hair dude’s fashion choices. Then begins a back and forth battle of pitcher vs batter. Wait, is this Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade? No. but the fight was very static with both sweets users standing their ground. When people are fighting using Popcorn and Lollipops you’d hope for a little more crazy action.

Undead Unluck Ch. 68

Finally, it feels like we’re getting closer to the showdown with God. Of course, that may still be way off. But with Summer defeated and Winter now on the clopping block things are progressing. The journey, especially this chapter, has been shaken up and Billy’s presence remains an ever-present enigma. 

Highschool Family: Kokosei Kazoku Ch. 43

Kotaro’s family-free tennis club life is at risk. Somehow the other three members of Happe High’s tennis team have not found out that Kotaro’s entire family are high schoolers. This is Kotaro’s only semblance of normal high school life. Which is suddenly threatened after a crushing defeat in their first tennis tournament. When talk turns to bring in the strict coach, Kotaro’s dad, a smart student, Kotaro’s sister, and even a manager, Kotaro’s mum, he manages to deflect. The situation around Kotaro’s mum turns romantic much to Kotaro’s horror. Misunderstandings arise and now Kotaro’s is believed to be in a love triangle with his mum. Such is life.

Magu-Chan: God of Destruction Ch. 48

This chapter could have done a lot more to reach that heartwarming climax. Witch Watch did so well to tie the story up in a touching way. Here Magu-chan only served as an annoying comedy tool. Does he really learn anything come to the end? Maybe, but all we’re given is a page in which he tries to let Ruru ride on his shoulders.

i tell c Ch. 20

I never had high esteem for this series but ever since that weird time skip it feels like it’s grabbing at straws. Is Risa Aioi now the main character? Sakon appears to have taken a back seat for the most part. 

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin Ch. 47 – END

What a final chapter. The series may have been short but a lot of the characters are very endearing. Seeing how life on Anegashima Island is 10 years on was a good send-off. I laughed, chuckled and appreciated what the series was. I look forward to Ryuhei Tamura’s next work!

Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade Ch. 18

The story is picking up and the series keeps receiving extra pages that has got to be a good sign, right? Either way, the series has introduced some great new characters that have really shaken up the fairly easy start Kokuryuzan have had so far.

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