Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #40 2022 Roundup

Dropped the ball already, only three weeks in and I couldn’t keep to a regular schedule. Not to worry, this roundup for last week’s issue is here now!

Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #40 of 2022 features a cover and lead colour pages for Tokyo Demon Bride Story. Series also featuring colour pages this week include High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku, Blue Box and Undead Unluck.

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You can also read via the Manga Plus app or website. There’s no paid option, so it’s entirely free with a lot of other series available in their entirety.

Spoilers ahead!

Tokyo Demon Bride Story (Dai Tokyo Oniyomeden) Ch. 1 (Cover) (Lead Colour Page)

Very enjoyable debut chapter, the art was nice and the characters were easily digestible. The premise isn’t the most unique but if the series doesn’t go straight-up battle manga then we could be in for a treat. If there’s a good balance between funny slice-of-life moments and serious battles then it could occupy a similar territory as the recently moved Ayakashi Triangle.

Jujutsu Kaisen Ch. 196

Wow, for a guy dressed for sumo with a kappa-like haircut he sure spoke like a seasoned teacher. 

Akane-banashi Ch. 28

Seems there’s more to Issho and Shiguma than just the Shin’uchi exams. I wonder how this story will unfold between the two masters. Other masters also appear to be making plays for new talent. No doubt we’ll see some of the characters from this competition again. 

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku Ch. 100 (Colour Page)

Damn Kotaro, bit harsh running against your own baby sister in the student council elections. I personally would prefer to see Haruka win because I imagine the resulting chapters of her time as president would be hilarious. 

Me & Roboco Ch. 103

I’m not currently up to date with Me & Roboco, but hopefully, have something to say next week.

Sakamoto Days Ch. 85

Like I said last week, it’s funny to see Sakamoto try and maintain his wife’s image while becoming larger as time runs out. Always got to have a ragged-looking janitor with a mystery or two, and this one did not disappoint. He’s Amane’s grandfather and noticed Sakamoto straight away even through the disguise. 

Black Clover Ch. 336

Yuno is pissed and surprise the chapter ends with Asta face down on a beach with a mysterious figure standing over him. The figure speaks with some familiarity towards Asta so is this a character we already know? Or perhaps a new character designed to bring some back story for Asta. Honestly surprised we see Asta again so soon.

Blue Box Ch. 67 (Colour Page)

As usual, this series never disappoints! I loved Chinatsu’s analogy of the plant sprouting and how a moment with Taiki is like watering the plant. Seeing her actually watering the plant was cute too. 

Karen mentions that someone else may come and steal Taiki before Chinatsu realises her feelings proper and then enters her younger sister. Lo and behold it’s the girl we have been seeing here and there that clearly has a thing for Taiki. Based on Karen’s description of her, she, Ayame, seems like trouble. Chinatsu and Hina better be careful. 

Mission: Yozakura Family Ch. 144

I love that we’re almost 150 chapters in and only just learning of the rivals that each member of the Yozakura family has. We’ve seen Giga before but who would have guessed behind that demonic avatar and presence would be cute inside. It makes sense as each rival so far has been more of a copy than an opposite. 

The Elusive Samurai Ch. 76

That was a very oddly paced chapter. It starts with the one-on-one which eventually ends in the main battle beginning. The chapter then shifts to explaining the roles of those working in support. And finally ends with the head of an enemy being brought to a shrine maiden. That sort of works with the explanation of support roles but to switch mid-chapter was odd.

Undead Unluck Ch. 125 (Colour Page)

It’s Loopin’ Time!! Fuuko, after an emotional exchange with Juiz, is now Union member No. 1. Whoever occupies the first seat controls Union meaning Fuuko is now the boss and has the task of bringing everyone together. Who knew Viktor could be such a nice guy, seemed a little unnecessary but still fleshes out this story.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Ch. 122 

Honestly, I find this constant back and forth of beat down then power up tiresome. Mashle occupies a more parody space so this can be viewed within that perspective but it’s still tiring when overdone.

PPPPPP Ch. 47 

The way this chapter has been building up Sorachika as some kind of piano God I can’t help but think Sadame will lose tipping the points balance entirely in Fanta’s favour. Sadame is extremely odd so who knows what he’ll come out with.

My Hero Academia Ch. 365

Not sure dragging out Bakugo’s revival is the most interesting thing to read. Sure they need to explain Edgeshot’s powers but I feel it was understood from the end of the last chapter. Seeing Mirko is always cool though, she’s easily the strongest female character the series has and unfortunately a character we don’t see all that often. The inner turmoil that Shigaraki was facing definitely added a unique level to the chapter that otherwise would have been fairly mundane.

Super Smartphone Ch. 17

New characters are interesting, series saving interesting I’m not sure. I feel that Moura was perhaps the most likeable character so far and well he’s already been killed off. 

Aliens Area Ch. 13

Another solid chapter for Aliens Area. There is some intrigue being built with Akina and her history of being part of the Anti-Aliens Alliance, A3. Her change of heart after falling in love and the person who helped them escape. The end of the chapter only helped add to that intrigue, can’t wait to see what happens next. 

I am starting to feel anxious about where Aliens Area has been placing in the TOC (table of contents). Whether this is a ranking system is hotly debated but trends do show that the majority of series due to be cancelled spend a lot of time near the bottom. Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt me to see the series go but I do feel there’s potential if only given more time to develop the story.

Earthchild Ch. 27 (END)

A lacklustre end for a fairly lacklustre series. It had some good moments but unfortunately couldn’t keep that momentum going.

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