Pop Mart: Our New Obsession

We here at Japan Curiosity absolutely love decorating our nerd space with figures. Whether they’re from anime, games, shows or simply because they look amazing. Enter Pop Mart. Yes, we are late to the party on this one. But wow Pop Mart really knows how to make mini figures look fantastic. 

We were lucky enough to be sent figures from the AZURA and 100% SPACE MOLLY range of figures and we couldn’t believe the attention to detail and how brilliant each design was. There is even a chance to find a secret figure, we weren’t so lucky, unfortunately, maybe next time!

Catch a video of us unboxing the AZURA set


It’s Pop Mart Unboxing time! @Pop Mart Official Store #popmart #umboxing #cute

♬ Natural Emotions – Muspace Lofi

Pop Mart have their own wonderful and crazy creations, but they also team up with huge brands like Harry Potter and Sanrio to give a unique spin to those worlds and characters. But whichever collection you start with first, you really can’t go wrong.

Everything we’ve seen so far is so well made, cute and looks great on our shelves, the biggest question we have now is which ones will we pick up next?!

Join us as we unbox some of our 100% SPACE MOLLY figures


Unboxing some more Pop Mart figures. We love them!! #popmart #unboxing #fyp #fypシ

♬ Summer – Soft boy

Honestly, we can’t decide which of our two sets we like better, but we do know we will be adding more to our collection. If you would like to explore the world of Pop Mart then head over to their Amazon store right here.

…AND finally, just because we felt like it check out our little stop-motion Pop Mart Harry Potter video below!

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