Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #28 2021 Roundup

Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #28 of 2021 is here and features cover and lead colours pages for Sakamoto Days. Series also featuring colour pages this week are The Elusive Samurai and Ayakashi Triangle for a second week in a row. Black Clover is absent this week and due to return in the next issue.

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Spoilers ahead!

Sakamoto Days Ch. 27  – Cover/Lead Colour Page

It appears the boss of the gang that has taken over the lab walked straight out of Chainsaw Man. Swords, or blades, coming out of his arm and a gun from his mouth. Sounds about right. Still, no amount of special abilities will help against Mr Sakamoto. 

Dr. Stone Ch. 200

The space race is on. But with the people of corn city, treasure island and Japan still petrified, the team splits three-ways as they work on their separate tasks. The focus may be on the moon but it feels like the world just became a little larger. Up till now, we’ve followed our growing group across the globe in fairly isolated situations. With the team splitting up we’ll definitely be covering more ground, sea and space!

One Piece Ch. 1016

So it would appear that Nami’s baton is indeed Zeus or his soul at least. He mentions he would need Big Mom to turn back into Zeus. Was that her power, making familiars? Regardless, it looks like this could ‌be a big upgrade for Nami. The next chapter could be the showdown of the Wano arc. Father versus daughter, Kaido and Yamato.

Jujutsu Kaisen Ch. 152

Super brief chapter, no doubt in relation to the author’s current health condition. You can read more on that here. Maki continues to prove why she is the best thing in this series right now. Single-handedly removing her entire clan’s existence is no mean feat. What comes next, and when that is, we’ll have to wait and see.

My Hero Academia Ch. 315

The battle with Lady Nagant is over, and help has arrived. Hawks gets through to Lady Nagant and learns of the location Deku was to be taken after capture. Like a scene out of Watchmen, they enter a deserted building. Only to be treated to a rather chilling pre-recorded speech from All for One. His mind is focused solely on Deku.

The Elusive Samurai Ch. 20 – Colour Page

Talk is cheap and like the rest of the series, there is a lot of talking and little else of substance in this chapter. 

Blue Box Ch. 9

I ‌enjoy it when a series can take a chapter to focus on something insignificant but make it something bigger than it is. The mixed-up gym uniforms are a perfect way to do that. Tension, comedy and romantic teenage angst. 

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Ch. 66

More dumb, goofy Mash Burndead. His deadpan attitude only serves to annoy his foes and give me a chuckle. There also appears to be a more serious fight taking place between Welhberg and Innocent Zero. This bout actually has some back story and so far is rather interesting to follow.

Me & Roboco Ch. 45

I wonder if there were a lot of references in the Japanese text to carry this chapter because it really didn’t hit home with me. There was a joke in there about the final chapter. Referring to the baseball game, not the manga. Although I wouldn’t be sad to see the series go at this point.

Candy Flurry (Ame no Furu) Ch. 8

Turns out Umino isn’t just a cry baby but he’s actually rather capable. He holds his own, for a while, against the popcorn candy user. The recette exam is in complete chaos and now it looks like Tsumugi is about to get serious. The roster of characters is really coming along. 

Ayakashi Triangle (Web-Only, 18+) Ch. 48 – Colour Page

The Hiderigami makes things a little too hot and heavy in this chapter. Clad in swimsuits, the trio of Suzu, Reo and Matsuri take part in what I can only describe as a grope fest. Of course, this was all a ploy to infuriate the ayakashi causing the heatwave. Groping, sun oil and skimpy outfits aside, it appears they were successful. The plot is strong with this series.

Mission: Yozakura Family Ch. 86

Ah, happy families. When Rin brought Ai to the Yozakura household in the hope they would take her in, I was sceptical. I thought for sure this would be a chapter of chaos and destruction. But it turns out Mutsumi and Taiyo make a pretty good mother-father duo. Ai was adorable and the entire chapter was pretty heartwarming.

Magu-Chan: God of Destruction Ch. 47

Magu-Chan plays video games. He gets angry, obsessed and eventually completely overcome with the need to best Uneras. That’s about all there is to this week’s chapter. 

Highschool Family: Kokosei Kazoku Ch. 42

The level of misunderstanding on the part of the grandparents in this chapter was hilarious. To be fair, who would understand that an entire family is in high school. Chalking it up to some kind of slang, or hip social belief that all of Tokyo are high-schoolers tickled me good. I hope this series never loses that sense of bizarre it portrays very well. 

Undead Unluck Ch. 67

Still getting more of the Shen and Feng backstory we should’ve got a while back. Still the line at the end “The truth from Untruth” has me scratching my head. If we follow the rules of Untruth, then Feng considered them family? Or is that only what Shen is choosing to believe. I guess that’s up for us the audience to interpret.

Witch Watch Ch. 18

I’m not sure what I just read, but it’s certainly not a story that you see play out in manga all that often, if ever. I’ll give it props for trying something unique albeit something you might see in a kids tv show. 

Nine Dragons’ Ball Parade Ch. 17

The extra pages this chapter received certainly didn’t help with pacing. Not to say it was bad, but it did not flow as well as in previous chapters. Introducing an unknown threat to the team was a good move. It adds a level of uncertainty into their tournament and their overall goal of besting Hakuo.

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin Ch. 46

Explaining to a child, in not so many words, that her parent/guardian is gone and can never come back can’t be an easy thing. Shark, who appears to not be good at dealing with people, has definitely formed a close relationship with Chako. I guess they’ll both be needing each other going forward. 

i tell c Ch. 19

This chapter was all ‌conveniently wrapped up. For a detective series, it’s all a bit too happy in a really odd way. I fully expected the series to end here, but it appears it continues. We’ll see what new story the next chapter brings.

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