We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip, Free New Game!

Revealed live at WASD x IGN in London today, by indie developer Total Mayhem Games, is a previously unannounced instalment of the We Were Here series – We Were Here Expeditions: The Friendship. The best part of the reveal is explorers can play the game for free right now on PlayStation 5 & 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Epic Games Store and Steam.

We Were Here is a popular co-op puzzle franchise with almost 10 million players worldwide. The series tasks two players to work together and solve puzzles. There’s a twist, however, as each player must take on a different role and explore their surroundings separately using only a walkie-talkie to communicate. With intricate puzzles to solve, communication is key!

The FriendShip is the first in a new series called We Were Here Expeditions which offers a more casual experience. It’s a bite-sized standalone We Were Here adventure making it the perfect entry point for anyone looking to test their friendship through Communication, Teamwork and Trust!

Expeditions will include everything the We Were Here series has to offer while focusing more on the gaming together aspect rather than escape-the-room gameplay. No prior knowledge is required to enjoy these games though they are slightly interwoven with the main instalments of the franchise.

We Were Here Expeditions: The Friendship is free to access across PC, PlayStation and Xbox until October 13. On Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, players will gain free access for ten hours after starting the trial. From October 14, The FriendShip will be available for €3,99 / $ 3,99 / £2,99 on all platforms.