Tiger & Bunny New Anime Series Project Announced

It was announced today via the Tiger & Bunny official Twitter account that a new anime series project has launched. More details on the project will be announced at a later date via said Twitter account and the official website.

Not being able to read Japanese makes it hard to work out what this new project will involve but according to Crunchyroll a “Buddy Series” alongside various other plans are to be introduced. Most interesting is a new Tiger & Bunny series that is likely to be a sequel to the main story is also in the works.

Without more details, it’s hard to see what to expect but hopefully, we’ll see the original staff return to work on this new project but for now, we’ll just have to wait for more information.

Tiger & Bunny, an original television anime from Studio Sunrise first released back in 2011 and has since spawned two anime movies but I think many fans will agree a new series has been long overdue. The series centres around a group of heroes each with unique superpowers these people are known as NEXT. What sets the series apart is that these heroes are actually sponsored by corporations and are adorned with various logos on their costumes as they fight crime on live television.

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