Manga Releases [January 2018]

A new year and our first schedule of 2018, if you expected manga publishers to take a little break during the holiday season then think again. The manga train slows for no one. Great for us fans though as we get to spend our Christmas money on all those important manga releases.

2/017thGARDEN7Digital / Paperback (25th)Viz Media
2/01Ace of the Diamond7DigitalKodansha Comics
2/01Alice & Zoroku3DigitalSeven Seas Entertainment
2/01Anonymous Noise6DigitalViz Media
2/01Ayanashi2DigitalKodansha Comics
2/01Blue Exorcist18Digital / Paperback (25th)Viz Media
2/01Dreamin' Sun5DigitalSeven Seas Entertainment
2/01Drifting Dragons2DigitalKodansha Comics
2/01Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's Daily Life1DigitalSeven Seas Entertainment
2/01Haikyu!!19Digital / Paperback (25th)Viz Media
2/01Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You28DigitalViz Media
2/01Natsume’s Book of Friends21DigitalViz Media
2/01Pumpkin Scissors17DigitalKodansha Comics
2/01Real Girl10DigitalKodansha Comics
2/01Space Brothers31DigitalKodansha Comics
2/01Twin Star Exorcists11Digital / Paperback (25th)Viz Media
2/01Water Dragon’s Bride, The4DigitalViz Media
2/01World Trigger18Digital / Paperback (25th)Viz Media
2/01Yokai Girls1Digital / Paperback (9th)Seven Seas Entertainment / Ghost Ship
2/01YO-KAI WATCH8DigitalViz Media
4/01Drifters5PaperbackDark Horse
4/01Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz: The Glory Of Losers4PaperbackVertical
9/01Black God11PaperbackYen Press
9/01Case Closed65DigitalViz Media
9/01Domestic Girlfriend 14DigitalKodansha Comics
9/01Grand Blue Dreaming5DigitalKodansha Comics
9/01His Favorite10DigitalSuBLime
9/01I'm in Love and It's the End of the World3DigitalKodansha Comics
9/01Imperfect Girl2Digital / Paperback (11th)Vertical
9/01Kokkoku: Moment by Moment 4DigitalKodansha Comics
9/01Lovesick Ellie2DigitalKodansha Comics
9/01Peach Heaven13DigitalKodansha Comics
11/01Bloody Mary9PaperbackViz Media
11/01Don't Be Cruel6DigitalSuBLime
11/01Everyone’s Getting MarriedPaperbackViz Media
11/01Finder Deluxe Edition4DigitalSuBLime
11/01Golden Kamuy3PaperbackViz Media
11/01Princess Mononoke Picture Book HardcoverViz Media
11/01Queen's Quality2PaperbackViz Media
11/01Splatoon1PaperbackViz Media
11/01Sweet Blue Flowers2PaperbackViz Media
11/01Yona of the Dawn9PaperbackViz Media
13/01Absolute Duo2PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor2PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Arpeggio of Blue Steel12PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage 2PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Captive Hearts of Oz 3PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Centaur's Life, A13PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Dance in the Vampire Bund Omnibus7PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Dragonar Academy13PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Dragon Half Omnibus1PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Magical Girl Apocalypse13PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Magika Swordsman and Summoner 8PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Monster Girl Doctor1PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Monster Musume: Monster Girl PapercraftsPaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Not Lives7PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Pandora of the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn 9PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Species Domain4PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Unmagical Girl 2PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
13/01Yokai Rental Shop 1PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
16/01Chihayafuru8DigitalKodansha Comics
16/01Chiro: The Star Project8PaperbackNETCOMICS
16/01DEATHTOPIA8DigitalKodansha Comics
16/01Dreams of the DaysPaperbackNETCOMICS
16/01Elegant Yokai Apartment Life 5DigitalKodansha Comics
16/01Fire Punch1DigitalViz Media
16/01Give to the Heart - Memories3PaperbackNETCOMICS
16/01Kasane9DigitalKodansha Comics
16/01Love to Lie Angle1PaperbackDigital Manga Publishing
16/01Maria Holic13PaperbackOne Peace Books
16/01Prince's Black Poison, The2DigitalKodansha Comics
16/01Real Girl11DigitalKodansha Comics
16/01RWBYDigitalViz Media
16/01Sweet Blood9PaperbackNETCOMICS
16/01Terra Formars20DigitalViz Media
16/01Usagi Yojimbo31DigitalDark Horse
16/01Waiting for Spring4Digital / Paperback (18th)Kodansha Comics
16/01Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty2Digital / Paperback
Kodansha Comics
18/01Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card2DigitalKodansha Comics
18/01I Am A Hero Omnibus5PaperbackDark Horse
18/01Interviews With Monster Girls6PaperbackKodansha Comics
18/01Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight3PaperbackKodansha Comics
19/01Fuuka15DigitalKodansha Comics
23/01Astra Lost in Space2DigitalViz Media
23/01Baccano!1Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01Black Butler25Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01Boys Over Flowers Season 27DigitalViz Media
23/01Certain Magical Index, A12PaperbackYen Press
23/01élDLIVE4DigitalViz Media
23/01Fairy Tail Day PlannerCalendarKodansha Comics
23/01Gabriel Dropout2Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01No Game No Life8PaperbackYen Press
23/01Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia2Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01Murciélago5Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01One-Punch Man13DigitalViz Media
23/01Overlord5Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01re:Zero Starting Life in Another World, Chapter 3: Truth of Zero2Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01Royal Tutor, The5Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01Sword Art Online Progressive6Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
23/01Val X Love1Digital (30th) / PaperbackYen Press
25/01Battle Angel Alita Mars Chronicle1PaperbackKodansha Comics
25/01Frau Faust3PaperbackKodansha Comics
25/01LDK11PaperbackKodansha Comics
25/01Naruto (3-in-1 Edition)21 (61, 62 & 63)PaperbackViz Media
25/01Naruto: Chibi Sasuke's Sharingan Legend2PaperbackViz Media
25/01Nisekoi: False Love25PaperbackViz Media
25/01Rurouni Kenshin (3-in-1 Edition)5 (13, 14 & 15)PaperbackViz Media
25/01Seven Deadly Sins, The24PaperbackKodansha Comics
30/01Big Order4PaperbackYen Press
30/01Big Order7DigitalYen Press
30/01Big Order8DigitalYen Press
30/01Crimson Prince14DigitalYen Press
30/01Immortal Hounds6PaperbackVertical
30/01Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side: Sword Oratoria2DigitalYen Press
30/01Kuzumi-kun, Can't You Read the Room?4DigitalYen Press
30/01My Pathetic Vampire Life4PaperbackSeven Seas Entertainment
30/01Now Playing4DigitalYen Press
30/01Princess Jellyfish8PaperbackKodansha Comics
30/01Sailor Moon Eternal Edition1PaperbackKodansha Comics
30/01Sekirei3PaperbackYen Press
30/01Sekirei14DigitalYen Press
30/01To Love Ru (2-in-1 Edition)3-4PaperbackGhost Ship
30/01To Love Ru Darkness2PaperbackGhost Ship
30/01Welcome to the Ballroom9PaperbackKodansha Comics
31/01Little Hero2DigitalCross Infinite World

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