Sword Art Online II: Stage Event

The stage event for Sword Art Online II was nothing short of an incredible experience. There were no empty seats, the fans were loud, energetic and having a great time – myself included

The event was attended by the voice actors of Kirito (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), Asuna (Tomatsu Haruka), Sinon (Sawashiro Miyuki), Leafa (Taketatsu Ayana) and Yui (Itou Kanae).

Sword Art Online II takes place in a new VRMMO called Gun Gale Online. Instead of swords or magic seen in the previous worlds, guns are the weapons of choice. Kirito must enter GGO and find out why people are dying in the real-world, teaming up with the ass-kicking Sinon as he goes.

Due to Kirito selecting a default avatar in his rush to enter the game, he is given a feminine body. Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, putting on his most lady-like voice, introduced himself as Kirito, as well as naming him Kiriko a little later on.

The group discussed Kirito’s new looks.

We were shown the original short trailer of Phantom Bullet, which I’ll post at the bottom of the page in case anybody hasn’t seen it yet. The cast then spoke about the DVD and Blu-Ray release of Sword Art Online: Extra Edition; a special that serves as a recap to the first series and bridges the gap between season one and two.
It was also announced that the new Radio show, Sword Art On Air II will start sometime in June, a month before the anime series begins.

Sawashiro Miyuki, Taketatsu Ayana and Itou Kanae.

The event wrapped up with the cast giving messages to the fans and expressing their enthusiasm about the new series. They were met with a loud round of applause and left the stage.

Sword Art Online II will begin airing this July! Who is excited?