Gundam Front Tokyo

Inside DiverCity not only are there dozens of stores, restaurants, arcades and even a bowling alley, but a Gundam museum, cafe and shop also wait for you inside.

As you arrive at DiverCity which is located in Odaiba, Tokyo, you’ll see the giant  1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam standing outside. Make sure to visit at night for a Gundam light installation. The times may change but currently, you can see the impressive show at 19:30/20:30/21:30, the show lasts around 10 minutes and is a lot of fun.

On the 2nd floor, there is a Gundam Cafe, serving all kinds of Gundam inspired soft and alcoholic drinks, snacks and desserts, such as pizza, chocolate cake and Haro Cake. The food isn’t amazing but the atmosphere and service is, you can take your time, enjoy yourself and watch the Gundam commercials that play on a loop as you relax.

Next is the Gundam Museum, after purchasing your ticket for 1,200 yen, you wait to enter Dome-G, which is 50 feet in diameter and has six projectors allowing guests to see incredible footage of the 1/1 Gundam as well as famous scenes from past Gundam series, along with impressive, highly-detailed CG of mobile suits like the RX-93 ν Gundam. I have to say it was possibly the best moment of the day for me, the amazing visuals mixed with the incredibly loud audio make for an amazing experience for any Gundam fan… although after looking up for so long your neck does start to hurt.

After you exit the dome, you come face to face with an RG 1/1-scale Strike Freedom, although it’s only the top part of it (with an accessible cockpit) it is a treat for the eyes.

Other than the Strike Freedom, you will be able to have your photo taken with a digital, life-sized character of your choice, I chose Char.
There is also a 1/1 Core Fighter from Mobile Suit Gundam.

A display of the space fortress A Baoa Qu, which has mini Mobile Suits representing the final battle in Mobile Suit Gundam.

An area for original artwork, character designs, posters and character information.

The Gundam experience wouldn’t be complete without an impressively sized store selling Gundam merchandise and Gunpla would it?

Visiting Gundam Front Tokyo is a really great experience, whether you’re a fan of Gundam or not there is something for everybody to enjoy, a great movie in the Dome-G, fantastic artwork, interactive and life-sized displays, then to finish it all off, have some food at the Gundam Cafe.
Make sure it is on your list of things to experience when you visit Tokyo!