Review: Zaku Amazing Gunpla

The ZakuAmazing model is part of a new line of Gunpla designed to be completely customizableand interchangeable with other models in the same product line. This new rangeof Gunpla known as Build Fighters first seen in anime form of the same name,the anime was essentially a 25 episode long advertisement to introduce this newline of Gunpla to a new generation of Gunpla Builders.

The HG Build Fighters Zaku Amazing is a 1/144 scale modelas are the other models, the same as they appear in the anime. While I tend tosteer away from 1/144 scale in favour of 1/100 and higher, sadly that was notan option as I really wanted to see how a Build Fighters Gunpla differs fromprevious Gunpla.

Before thebuilding could even begin I ran into a problem, I was in China with none of myGunpla tools but surely if you can buy Gunpla you must be able to buy the toolsright – Wrong. While I could understand that Toys’R’us wouldn’t sell some ofthe tools that I use normally I thought they would sell some basic tools towork with, again I was wrong. Then began a quest to find tools that I could useall while my Gunpla sat collecting dust in the hotel, I finally came across myonly hope in a pair of weird scissors type things while I wasn’t totallyconvinced I thought it beats using fingers and teeth thankful they did the job.

Tools in handI could finally set about building the Gunpla, laying out all the sheets I thoughtwow this is quite a lot for just a 1/144 scale model but didn’t pay it any moremind. The building process was smooth and a joy to see everything come together,being a big Zaku fan it was nice adding all the additional pieces that the ZakuAmazing has. The big surprise though came when I had finished.

Admiring myfinished Gunpla I looked down to see I still had quite a lot of parts left overmore than the usual couple of spares, a quick browse through the manual showedme that I could actually build a Zaku with completely different armour. Greatextras I thought and immediately set about building the alternative Zaku onlyto find I had thrown away one of the spikes to go on the shoulder pad which thecleanly lady had already disposed of, I could have thrown myself into the trashat that point for being too hasty.

Overall thebuild was smooth and easy to complete the addition of alternative armour andweapons was a great surprise just be careful not to throw away anything until youare absolutely sure you don’t need it. The only downside to the model is giventhe amount of attachments on the legs the Zaku is sometimes difficult to standon a flat surface.

The BuildFighters product line is a great new addition to the Gunpla world and I lookforward to really customising my models and buying the various add-on weaponspacks etc… all in all great fun for old Gunpla builders and new builders alike.