Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #39 2022 Roundup

The Weekly Shonen Jump roundup continues for another week and looks like we have an anime announcement! to be adapted by David Production and TMS Entertainment the Undead Unluck anime is set to premiere in 2023.

Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #39 of 2022 features a cover and lead colour pages for Undead Unluck. Series also featuring colour pages this week include Witch Watch and Mashle: Magic and Muscles.

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Spoilers ahead!

Undead Unluck Ch. 124 (Cover) (Lead Colour Page)

Andy reveals the exact time he awoke and began being him. Ironically it appears to be buried as a fallen soldier during the war that Viktor and Juiz had their little skirmish in the previous loop. He goes on to explain how his life before Fuuko was painful and lonely, unable to die while he watched his friends grow old and pass on before him. As much as Andy is a more sympathetic character than Viktor it’s hard to compare the at most a few hundred years to the millions that Viktor has spent undying. Regardless it appears that Andy and Fuuko are finally ready to loop, can they bring everyone together in the final loop and defeat God we’ll have to wait and see. 

Also, this chapter appears to have extremely subtly announced its upcoming anime series.

One Piece Ch. 1058

So the situation surrounding Buggy becoming an Emporer of the Sea has been cleared up and it’s as you’d expect of his character. There was never any way that Buggy could bring both Crocodile and Mihawk under his command. The events that led to the team up of this fairly fearsome duo, plus Buggy was very funny as is any interaction Buggy has. As loveable as he is as a big coward I wouldn’t mind this leading to a scenario where his nickname ”The Genius” actually became reality. How awesome would it be for Buggy to turn out as some serious-level genius mastermind! 

It looks like the little bits of information we keep getting about the revolutionary army and Sabo are about to culminate into something more. I can’t imagine a scenario in which Sabo would ever have the need to kill King Cobra so could this be the next story arc or just a quick detour?

Jujutsu Kaisen Ch. 195

So it appears the claim I made last week was completely off the mark with regards to that chapter. Somehow, rather brilliantly the two nutjobs screaming “Katana” and “Sumo” respectively actually tied into the current battle better than I ever could imagine. I’m actually in awe of how these two characters are introduced not only with impact but memorability. I hope they stick around because im already invested.

Witch Watch Ch. 75 (Colour Page)

I’m not currently up to date with Witch Watch, but hopefully, have something to say next week.

Sakamoto Days Ch. 84

Typical, I mention how good Sakamoto free chapters are and now we get a full chapter of Sakamoto. To be fair it was a great chapter and seeing Sakamoto moving around and fighting while looking like his wife is fun. Still glad to see we’re exploring more characters like Amane, his relationship with his father and Slur it’s all very interesting. 

My Hero Academia Ch. 364

Well, it surprises me we’re actually getting answers to what was laid out in the last chapter so quickly. All for One’s regeneration is down to the power of Eri’s quirk and refined into a one-shot power-up. It’s clear that this is his final push before his body ultimately breaks down and the merging with Shigaraki is complete. Bakugo’s resurrection seems to be closer at hand than I expected and appears to come at the hands of a hero we see here and there in the background but certainly not a major player. This non-major player looks set to sacrifice his life for Bakugo because of course. Bakugo’s popularity is far too big to kill off at this point in the game. I fully expect him to reach the spot of number one over Deku come the conclusion of the series anyway. 

Blue Box Ch. 66

I can’t handle it, this series is just too cute. The way Chinatsu is around Taiki is very interesting because she always acts so mature but her actions actually formed out of awkwardness around someone she likes. There’s always been a strangeness to her actions around Taiki although she manages to pass as normal especially compared to Taiki. Did Karen just get her to admit she is interested in Taiki!? Her pained and troubled reaction to Karen’s questioning makes me feel that she is definitely threatened by Hina and her relationship with Taiki. It makes for very good reading when the players in these romance stories are smaller in number and have well-formed characters. I really hope Kyo gets his chance soon though, what a nice guy at least what we see of him.

Akane-banashi Ch. 27 

Damn, Issho Arakawa did not mince words in his one-on-one with Akane. Brutal honesty and hard-to-fault logic make it that much harder to stomach. There was no falsehood within his reasoning and looking back on that initial chapter you have to agree with him. We the audience also rooted for Shinta with the exact same thought process, sympathy. So we’ve reached the first goal of the series Akane got her time with Issho and got the answer that has been driving the series thus far. I wonder if anything else will come of this meeting? Going forward I hope that Akane doesn’t lose the drive to become a Rakugoka, although that could become a story arc in itself. She is stubborn though so this will likely only push her further on her path of Rakugo.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Ch. 121 (Colour Page)

Lance insists on fighting alone when it’s revealed that his sister could have been one of this Epidem’s guinea pigs. The bare mention of this only serves to build Lance’s rage until Dot charges in to receive a swift butt whooping. His aim was Lance’s pendant with his sister’s picture that had found its way into the hands of Epidem. A gutsy move and a showcase of how genuine Dot is as a person. Lance still feels a little off even with his new disturbing backstory.

The Elusive Samurai Ch. 75

As mentioned last week it’s been very nice to get some actual storytelling as of late. We’re getting some actual character backstories such as with Kojiro and the Nezu clan. Up til now, Tokiyuki’s retainers have been very surface-level characters. Always there but very little substance. Hopefully, this trend keeps up as there were some flashes of the usual weirdness creeping in this chapter and we don’t want that.

Black Clover Ch. 335

I wonder if I’m the only one getting Aizen vibes from Lucius? I guess it’s a combination of factors from his visuals, attitude and the way in which the turn from good to evil happened. Though evil is perhaps the wrong word, especially in the case of both these characters. I think that’s the key link in that they both believe themselves bigger than the current system and only seek to place themselves on top. What’s the guessing that Asta has just been transported somewhere and will undergo more training to face this new threat? All the while his friends get beaten over and over til he makes a comeback. Or am I being too cynical?

PPPPPP Ch. 46 

So it would appear that Meloli finally realises that she never understood Mimin’s feelings for her. It was never about being better than the other but Mimin truly views Meloli as her number one. Now as odd as I find Meloli I think Sadame is perhaps the most mysterious of the non-Otogami characters. His design makes you think he’s always happy but it’s a very different feeling from the genuine joy that Mimin displays. I wonder what kind of performance we can expect from him in his showdown with Sorachika.

Me & Roboco Ch. 102

I’m not currently up to date with Me & Roboco, but hopefully, have something to say next week.

Mission: Yozakura Family Ch. 143

Given the circumstances of the pending rescue of their family members that was actually a very heartwarming family-based chapter. Driving home the concept that has made this series so good is that family are the most important thing to each of these characters. Even the creepy father who kidnapped two of them.

High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku Ch. 99

I honestly couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this chapter. This is why I enjoy this series so much, it’s pure absurdity but treated in full seriousness with only a few characters questioning what is going on. It’s hard not to view Ichiro as the best character when situations like this happen. Taking your workplace experience at the company you used to work at as a manager is just perfect. It’s only helped by Ichiro’s former colleagues fully supporting his choice with Aoyama being the only one thinking the whole thing is madness. Brilliant chapter.

Super Smartphone Ch. 16

I definitely feel that this series is now directly ripping from Death Note. This chapter, the beginning half at least, took the same path as Light although it appears the other way round with Zenichiro orchestrating the frenzy. To be fair there’s still enough to differentiate the two series; it just comes down to how well the author can turn things around.

Aliens Area Ch. 12

Ah, another simple yet effective chapter. Not much is going on but we still get world-building and development. In a time when most series try to jump ahead to seem exciting, it’s nice to see a series take it slow. Hopefully, it won’t negatively affect Aliens Area.

Earthchild Ch. 26

Learning of the series’ end coming in the next chapter I know this little bit of interest I had going in would be brushed away in quick order. Nothing really came of the family meeting but some lip service and then everything is magically okay with Earth, yes I’m talking about the person and everyone on Earth. I don’t expect much from next week’s chapter. 

Doron Dororon Ch. 36 (END)

So another series comes to an end. Doron Dororon wasn’t a series I had any hope for after reading the debut chapter. It felt like Jump trying to cash in on yet more demon-based stories. Unfortunately, Doron Dororon just didn’t have the right elements to be that next hit. Looking back, not much really happened in the series. Just a simple battle manga with little else to push it forward. 

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