Sainome Colosseum R English Edition Kickstarter Now Live

Cincinnati, Ohio based LionWing Publishing have just launched an exciting new Kickstarter campaign to fund an anime-theme tabletop combat game. Yes, you read that right, Sainome Colosseum R is an exciting and ultra-accessible anime-themed tabletop combat game for 2-4 players, that utilizes action selection, hand management, card drafting, and dice rolling.

Sainome Colosseum R is being translated into English and published in the West by LionWing Publishing. Sainome Colosseum R is a remake of MR Entertainment’s very first card game, simply titled “Sainome Colosseum,” a positive fan reaction and desire to see an expanded version has lead to the creation of Sainome Colosseum R which is best thought of as a complete, or enhanced, edition of the original.

The Kickstarter campaign is amazingly detailed full of character breakdowns, how to play basically everything you could possibly want to know and see about this game is available to you right now. The Kickstarter also includes a sweet selection of reward tiers and even a production timeline and shipping estimates. Quite honestly I’ve never seen a Kickstarter so well planned out and it’s definitely worth your time having a look at whats on offer. The game looks gorgeous too.

LionWing Publishing is a localization company whose focus is on bringing Japanese tabletop games to the English market.

You can find the Sainome Colosseum R Kickstarter page here: