Out This Week – 10th July 2017

The Summer 2017 anime season is firmly underway now and while we wait for the trickle of new episodes of to pop up on various streaming service let’s take a look at what’s coming to retail this week.

Let’s start with the bulk of the anime releases this week that are coming from Manga Entertainment. First up is the complete collection of Mirai Nikki: Future Diary which is available on both Blu-ray and DVD. Next, is Samurai Warriors Season 1 Collection & Special OVA which comes to DVD only and also coming to DVD is the second volume of Power Rangers Dino Charge titled Resurgence.

Animatsu Entertainment release Himouto! Umaru-chan Complete Season Collection which is available as a Blu-ray and DVD combi pack. Attack on Titan: Junior High Collection sees it’s DVD edition release courtesy of Funimation and lastly, Studio Canal release Ocean Waves for the first time on Blu-ray as a Blu-ray and DVD combi pack.

When is comes to the manga releases please treat the list below as more of a guide while we work out how we’ll be putting together the schedule for next month. This is to ensure a more accurate list of titles and dates as Amazon UK have become somewhat unreliable on that front.

Last but not least Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age comes to PlayStation 4 from Square Enix this week.

Anime Releases
Attack on Titan: Junior High Collection [DVD] [Funimation]
Himouto! Umaru-chan Complete Season Collection [Combi Pack] [Animatsu Entertainment]
Mirai Nikki: Future Diary – Complete Collection [Blu-ray / DVD] [Manga Entertainment]
Ocean Waves [Combi Pack] [StudioCanal]
Power Rangers Dino Charge Resurgence (Volume 2) [DVD] [Manga Entertainment]
Samurai Warriors Season 1 Collection & Special OVA [DVD] [Manga Entertainment]

Manga Releases
Accel World (Light Novel) [Vol. 10] [Yen Press]
Aoharu X Machinegun [Vol. 5] [Yen Press]
Asterisk War, The [Vol. 4] [Yen Press]
Bungo Stray Dogs [Vol. 3] [Yen Press]
Devil Is a Part-Timer!, The [Vol. 9] [Yen Press]
Dragons Rioting [Vol. 7] [Yen Press]
Erased [Vol. 2] [Yen Press]
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash [Vol. 1] [Yen Press]
Handa-kun [Vol. 6] [Yen Press]
Hatsune Miku: Rinchan Now! [Vol. 2] [Dark Horse Manga]
Honor Student at Magic High School, The [Vol. 7] [Yen Press]
How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend [Vol. 6] [Yen Press]
Immortal Hounds [Vol. 5] [Vertical Inc]
Interviews with Monster Girls [Vol. 5] [Kodansha Comics]
Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side: Sword Oratoria (Light Novel) [Vol. 3] [Yen Press]
Kingdom Hearts Ii: The Novel [Vol. 1] [Yen Press]
Kiniro Mosaic [Vol. 3] [Yen Press]
Magical Girl Raising Project (Light Novel) [Vol. 1] [Yen Press]
My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected @ comic [Vol. 5] [Yen Press]
No Game No Life, Please! [Vol. 1] [Yen Press]
Of the Red, the Light, and the Ayakashi [Vol. 7] [Yen Press]
Persona 3 [Vol. 5] [Udon Entertainment]
Prison School [Vol. 7] [Yen Press]
Psycome (Light Novel) [Vol. 4] [Yen Press]
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Light Novel) [Vol. 4] [Yen Press]
School-Live! [Vol. 7] [Yen Press]
Seven Deadly Sins, The [Vol. 21] [Kodansha Comics]
Sound! Euphonium: Welcome to the Kitauji High School Concert Band (Light Novel) [Yen Press]
Strike the Blood [Vol. 7] [Yen Press]
Today’s Cerberus [Vol. 4] [Yen Press]
Usagi Yojimbo: The Hell Screen [Vol. 31] [Dark Horse Manga]
Welcome to the Ballroom [Vol. 6] [Kodansha Comics]
your name. [Vol. 1] [Yen Press]
After Hours [Vol. 1] [Viz Media]
Bloody Mary [Vol. 7] [Viz Media]
Captive Hearts of Oz [Vol. 2] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Dragonar Academy [Vol. 12] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Everyone’s Getting Married [Vol. 5] [Viz Media]
Finder: Target in Sight Finder Deluxe Edition: Target in Sight [Vol. 1] [SuBLime]
Freezing [Vol. 15-16] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Golden Kamuy [Vol. 1] [Viz Media]
Goodnight Punpun [Vol. 6] [Viz Media]
Holy Corpse Rising [Vol. 3] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Hour of the Zombie [Vol. 5] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Illustrated Fairytale Princess Collection [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Kamisama Kiss [Vol. 24] [Viz Media]
Kuroko’s Basketball (2-in-1 Edition) [Vol. 11-12] [Viz Media]
Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga [Viz Media]
Masamune-kun’s Revenge [Vol. 5] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Master Keaton [Vol. 11] [Viz Media]
Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter [Vol. 8] [Viz Media]
Otome Mania!! [Vol. 1] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Please Tell Me! Galko-chan [Vol. 3] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Red Riding Hood and the Big Sad Wolf [Vol. 1] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Species Domain [Vol. 1] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Species Domain [Vol. 2] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Tales of Zestiria [Vol. 1] [Seven Seas Entertainment]
Yona of the Dawn [Vol. 6] [Viz Media]

Game Releases
Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age [PlayStation 4] [Square Enix]

For full details on what anime and manga are coming out, this month check out our anime and manga schedules. New schedules are published at the beginning of each month and are updated as much as possible throughout the month. Let us know what you’re picking up on Twitter and Facebook.