Online Anime Streaming Service Daisuki to Close this Year

If you have tried to access the website today you no doubt have been met with this message:


TOKYO, JAPAN – August 1, 2017 – We regret to report that Anime Consortium Japan Inc.’s international anime streaming platform “DAISUKI” will be ending service as of October 31, 2017 at 11 a.m. Japan Standard Time

Since April 2013 Anime Consortium Japan Inc.’s international anime streaming platform Daisuki has provided a free service via its website and mobile device apps for legally streaming anime. Sadly, from October 31, 2017, all Daisuki services will terminate and from December 15, 2017, all social media account connected to the service including customer support will be closed. For detailed information on when specific services of the platform will terminate then please read the full press release at

Earlier this year it was reported that Bandai Namco had bought out their partners, at the time only owning 36%, to make it a wholly-owned subsidiary. With no specific reason given as to why the service is closing how will this come into play for the feature of Anime Consortium Japan Inc.

Source: @NormanicGrav, UK Anime Network