Manga Releases [March 2017]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity manga release schedule, a complete schedule for manga releases in the UK. As we wave goodbye to February and all the great titles that came with it, we now welcome in March and a new month of releases. Some new titles of note this month include but are not limited to Flying WitchKiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl and There’s a Demon Lord on the Floor. There is, of course, a whole range of different series and genres out there for people to get stuck into from multiple publishers, so get reading!

01/03Freezing13-14Seven Seas Entertainment
01/03Holy Corpse Rising2Seven Seas Entertainment
01/03Kase-San and Morning GlorySeven Seas Entertainment
01/03There's a Demon Lord on the Floor1Seven Seas Entertainment
02/03Fairy Tail58Kodansha Comics
02/03Prince in His Dark Days, The3Kodansha Comics
02/03Sweetness and Lightning4Kodansha Comics
07/03Bloody Mary6Viz Media
07/03Fate/Complete Material: Character Material2Udon Entertainment
07/03Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You26Viz Media
07/03Legend of Zelda, The: Legendary Edition3Viz Media
07/03Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt2Viz Media
07/03Natsume's Book of Friends20Viz Media
07/03One Piece (Omnibus Edition)19 (55-57)Viz Media
07/03One-Punch Man11Viz Media
07/03Persona 33Udon Entertainment
07/03Persona 46Udon Entertainment
07/03Skip Beat!38Viz Media
07/03Tegami Bachi20Viz Media
07/03Tokyo Ghoul11Viz Media
07/03Ultraman7Viz Media
09/03Ichi-F A Worker's Graphic Memoir of the Fukushima Nuclear Power PlantKodansha Comics
09/03Interviews With Monster Girls3Kodansha Comics
09/03Nichijou7Vertical Inc
09/03Ninja Slayer Kills4Kodansha Comics
14/03Ranma 1/2 (2-in-1 Edition)19 (37-38)Viz Media
14/03RIN-NE23Viz Media
16/03Complex Age4Kodansha Comics
16/03Mysterious Girlfriend X5Vertical Inc
16/03Seven Deadly Sins, The19Kodansha Comics
16/03Vampire Hunter D25Dark Horse Manga
21/03Accel World (Manga)7Yen Press
21/03Accel World (Novel)9Yen Press
21/03Asterisk War, The (Manga)3Yen Press
21/03Barakamon13Yen Press
21/03Blood Lad8Yen Press
21/03Boy and the Beast, The (Manga)3Yen Press
21/03Devil Is a Part-Timer!, The (Manga)8Yen Press
21/03Dragons Rioting6Yen Press
21/03Durarara!! (Novel)6Yen Press
21/03Fruits Basket Collector's Edition11Yen Press
21/03Goodnight Punpun5Viz Media
21/03Handa-Kun5Yen Press
21/03He's My Only Vampire10Yen Press
21/03Honor Student at Magic High School, The6Yen Press
21/03Kiniro Mosaic2Yen Press
21/03Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl1Yen Press
21/03Log Horizon (Novel)7Yen Press
21/03Love at Fourteen6Yen Press
21/03Master Keaton10Viz Media
21/03My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected @ comic (Manga)4Yen Press
21/03Of the Red, The Light and the Ayakashi6Yen Press
21/03Prison School6Yen Press
21/03Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Novel)3Yen Press
21/03School-Live!6Yen Press
21/03Strike The Blood (Manga)6Yen Press
21/03Sword Art Online Progressive (Manga)5Yen Press
21/03Terra Formars17Viz Media
21/03Today's Cerberus3Yen Press
21/03Twinkle Stars2Yen Press
21/03Ubel Blatt8Yen Press
23/03BLAME!3Vertical Inc
23/03Cardfight!! Vanguard7Vertical Inc
23/03Clockwork Planet1Kodansha Comics
23/03Forget Me Not7Kodansha Comics
23/03Inuyashiki6Kodansha Comics
23/03In/Spectre3Kodansha Comics
23/03Legend of Zelda, The: Twilight Princess1Viz Media
23/03That Wolf-Boy Is Mine4Kodansha Comics
23/03UQ Holder 10Kodansha Comics
28/03Don't Be Cruel: Akira Takanashi's StoryViz Media
28/03How To Raise a Boring Girlfriend5Yen Press
30/03Cells at Work!3Kodansha Comics
30/03Fairy Tail59Kodansha Comics
30/03Flying Witch1Vertical Inc
30/03LDK9Kodansha Comics
30/03Otomo: A Global Tribute to the Genius Behind AkiraKodansha Comics
30/03Prince in His Dark Days, The4Kodansha Comics
30/03Real Account6Kodansha Comics
30/03Sweetness and Lightning5Kodansha Comics
30/03Toppu GP1Kodansha Comics

*You may notice the release dates from most of the publisher’s websites differ from what I have stated here. This is because they are intended for the US, not us here in the UK, so I have relied on Amazon to give the correct date for the UK release; in some cases, these are also incorrect. Use this schedule as more of a guide, as some retailers will stock items at different times.