Anime Releases [March 2017]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity anime release schedule, a complete schedule for anime releases in the UK. Less of a disclaimer and more of a general notice but every effort have been made to provide the most accurate information regarding these releases. This includes a combination of publisher and retail sources but dates are still subject to change. With that out of the way just take a look and what we could potentially get our hands on this month, so many great titles, our wallets may not be ready but our bodies definitely are!

06/03Brothers Conflict Complete SeriesBlu-rayFunimation
06/03Full Metal Panic Seasons 1-3 Collection * Exclusive*Blu-rayAll the Anime
06/03Full Metal Panic - Season 1Blu-rayAll the Anime
06/03Full Metal Panic - The Second RaidBlu-rayAll the Anime
06/03RE-KAN! Complete CollectionBlu-ray / DVDMVM Entertainment
13/03Laputa: Castle In The Sky *Zavvi Exclusive* Limited Edition SteelbookBlu-rayStudio Canal
13/03Mikagura School Suite CollectionCombo PackFunimation
13/03Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis (Standard Edition)Combo PackEureka Entertainment
13/03Spirited Away *Zavvi Exclusive* Limited Edition SteelbookBlu-rayStudio Canal
13/03Triage X Season 1 Collection 1Combo PackAnimatsu Entertainment
20/03Ghost in the ShellBlu-ray / DVDManga Entertainment
20/03Ghost in the Shell Movie Double PackBlu-ray / DVDManga Entertainment
20/03Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: The Laughing ManDVDManga Entertainment
20/03Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex: Individual 11DVDManga Entertainment
20/03Ghost in the Shell: SAC Solid State SocietyBlu-ray / DVDManga Entertainment
20/03Heavy Object Season 1 Part 1Blu-rayFunimation
20/03Power Rangers: Green With EvilDVDManga Entertainment
20/03Power Rangers: The Best of BlueDVDManga Entertainment
27/03Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy * Exclusive*Blu-rayAll the Anime
27/03One Piece Uncut: Collection 16DVDManga Entertainment
27/03Serial Experiments Lain Collector's EditionCombo PackMVM Entertainment
27/03Snow White with the Red Hair Part 1Blu-rayFunimation

*We’ve decided to change our links to products from Amazon to Anime-On-Line mainly because they are generally cheaper and we like to support that.

**(Blu-ray / DVD) means released separately on both formats, although in some cases they may be released as a combo pack, in which case that will be marked with (Combi Pack). Instance, where CE or DE is used this, denotes Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition respectively.