Manga Releases [December 2013]

Here it is the first Manga release schedule and right in time for the Christmas season! I bet those Xmas wish lists are getting quite large by now, but save some space because there are some awesome series coming out this month including Attack on Titan, Magi and Toriko.

Huge amount of releases this month, most of them early enough in the month to guarantee delivery by Christmas Day! The only title after Christmas Day is probably the one I’m most looking forward to, but hey there’s a lot to keep us occupied before then!

03/12 A Devil and Her Love Song Vol.12 (Pages 200) Viz Media
03/12 Demon Love Spell Vol.5 (Pages 208) Viz Media
03/12 Dengeki Daisy Vol.13 (Pages 192) Viz Media
03/12 Dracula Everlasting Vol.3 (Pages 192) Seven Seas Ent.
03/12 Dragon Ball (3-in-1 Edition) Vol. 3 (Pages 568) Viz Media
03/12 Fairy Tail Vol.33 (Pages 208) Kodansha Comics
03/12 Happy Marriage Vol.3 (Pages 192) Viz Media
03/12 Hunter X Hunter Vol.31 (Pages 208) Viz Media03/12 Kanokon Omnibus 5-6 (Pages 352) Seven Seas Ent.
03/12 Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan Vol.18 (Pages 192) Viz Media
03/12 One Piece Vol.69 (Pages 200) Viz Media
03/12 Pokémon Black and White Vol.13 (Pages 96) Viz Media
03/12 The Scared Blacksmith Vol.3 (Pages 192) Seven Seas Ent.
03/12 Skip Beat Vol.32 (Pages 192) Viz Media
03/12 Slam Dunk Vol.31 (Pages 192) Viz Media
03/12 Toriko Vol.19 (Pages 192) Viz Mediat-small
03/12 Voice Over: Seiyu Academy Vol.2 (Pages 208) Viz Media
10/12 Arata: The Legend Vol.16 (Pages 192) Viz Media
10/12 Itsuwaribito Vol.10 (Pages 192) Viz Media
10/12 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Vol.3 (Pages 192) Viz Media
10/12 Tiger & Bunny Comic Anthology Vol.2 (Pages 372) Viz Media
10/12 Knights of Sidonia Vol.6 (Pages 184) Vertical Inc
11/12 Vampire Hunter D Vol.20 (Novel) Dark Horse
17/12 Are You Alice? Vol.3 (Pages 192) Yen Press
17/12 Bloody Cross Vol.1 (Pages 224) Yen Press
17/12 The Dark-Hunters: Infinity Vol.2 (Pages 240) Yen Press
17/12 Dorohedoro Vol.11 (Pages 176) Viz Media
17/12 Highschool of the Dead Omnibus Vol.2 (Pages 608) Yen Press
17/12 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Vol.17 (Pages 176) Yen Press
17/12 Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Vol.4 (Pages 504) Vertical Inc
17/12 No. 6 Vol.4 (Pages 176) Kodansha Comics
17/12 Pandora Hearts Vol.19 (Pages 176) Yen Press
17/12 Puella Magi Kazumi Magica Vol.17 (Pages 144) Yen Press
17/12 Summer Wars Vol.2 (Pages 320) Vertical Inc
17/12 Sunshine Sketch Vol.7 (Pages 176) Yen Press
17/12 Until Death Do Us Part Vol.5 (Pages 448) Yen Press
18/12 Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Rising Project Vol.13 (Pages 192) Dark Horse
24/12 Sankarea Vol.4 (Pages 176) Kodansha Comics
24/12 Crimson Empire Vol.3 (Pages 176) Seven Seas Ent.
31/12 Attack on Titan Vol.10 (Pages 192) Kodansha Comics

Hopefully I’ve managed to cover all the releases within this month, forgive me if I’ve missed a few. Check in again next month for another release schedule!