Bravely Default

From Square Enix and the scenario writer of Steins;Gate comes the new RPG Bravely Default.

Square Enix fans get ready because Bravely Default is out December 6th (tomorrow) for the Nintendo 3DS and I have to say, it’s looking like a game worth being excited about.

Even though the game has been called a spiritual successor to the 2010 DS game Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light , it was designed as a new IP heavily inspired by both the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises.
The game utilizes turn-based combat, multi-hit combination moves and allows you to change your job class much like Final Fantasy V and The 4 Heroes of Light .

The title Bravely Default comes from one of the core aspects of gameplay which is the option to either “Default”, which allows the player to store battle points for later, or “Brave”, in which the player can use multiple attacks in a single turn.
Players can also log onto the official Member’s Site, which allows them to create a community, unlock achievements and take on Quests created for the whole community.

Naotaka Hayashi the scenario writer of the incredible Steins;Gate is behind the story of Bravely Default , so personally, my expectations are high.