Hatsune Miku: Dreams of Electric Sheep Art Exhibition

NlYzTiKGallery Nucleus has collaborated with Crypton Future Media to present Hatsune Miku: Dreams of Electric Sheep, an art exhibition in Alhambra, California. The exhibition features original artworks from different artists, showcasing virtual idol Hatsune Miku in various art styles. All art in the exhibition are available for purchase.

The opening reception on July 2 included a Hatsune Miku Concert screening in which tickets were sold out by the time of the event. Hatsune Miku: Dreams of Electric Sheep will run Tuesdays to Sundays from July 2 to July 19.

Gallery Nucleus describes the event:

“Hatsune Miku, the world famous virtual singer from Japan, is pursuing her exciting journey from vocal synthesizer software to beloved collaboratively constructed cyber celebrity, with a growing user community across the world. She is also often called a global icon or ‘hub’, because the culture around her encourages a worldwide creative community to produce and share Miku-related contents and artworks.
Crypton Future Media, INC., the creators of Hatsune Miku, has partnered with Gallery Nucleus to present an exciting line-up of original art, featuring the blue-haired virtual virtuosa and her futuristic universe. A wide range of artists will present their own artistic visions of Miku in a variety of styles. A collision of worlds that will no doubt surprise her fans and intrigue all art lovers!”

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