Durarara STREEEEET!! – Territory of Exhibition

Last month, Durarara STREEEEET! was hosted in Ikebukuro. For those who don’t know, Ikebukuro is the location in which Durarara is set, making it the perfect location for such an event. ‘STREEEEET!’ was the name for the event, however it was actually made up of many smaller Durarara events being held around Ikebukuro to celebrate season 2 of the anime.

These events included an exhibition, a theme cafe, and a cosplay photography area. The main focus of the event being the exhibition.

Today, I’m going to show you the Durarara STREEEEET!!: Territory of Exhibition.

IMG_4794 (Small)

This was the opening to the event, very abstract, but unique, to the Durarara world.

IMG_4796 (Small)

 Next they had a ” Durararararara…!!” walk through, this is based on the pages inbetween chapters in the manga and also some scenes in the anime which just show the ‘ra’s in the name going on forever.

Next up is the Season 1 character profiles. They had literally every character shown in the series up on these boards, which I found pretty impressive as some characters were so minor to the story.

After all the character profiles, there were two boards showing the 2 main story arcs in Season 1.

Next to that, in the middle of the room, we had a map of Ikebukuro; this highlights all the real life locations of scenes from season 1. I found this very impressive and is great for anyone wanting to go on a Durarara pilgrimage!

Next up, we had Character profiles from season 2.

 IMG_4854 (Small)

The main part of the exhibition was recreation of scenes from the series.

As you can see above is a recreation of Russian sushi!

IMG_4858 (Small)

Lotteria with Shizuo and Tom; one of the scenes from the start of season 2.

IMG_4874 (Small)

Mikado’s bedroom; showing his laptop and a Dollars login screen!

IMG_4926 (Small)

A wall showing the love between Shinra and Celty. I thought this was pretty cute.

  IMG_4978 (Small)

Finally, at the end of the event, they had these great cut outs made especially for the event.

There was a shop selling limited edition goods, sadly no photos were allowed past this point.

Thank for you reading, I hope you have enjoyed this brief look at the Durarara Exhibition. The event was quite large and I took many photos.

Please have a look through the gallery below to see what else they had on show at the event.