Durarara STREEEEET!! – Animate Cafe

A few weeks back we visited the Durarara x2 X Animate theme cafe, one of the Durarara STREEEEET!! events going on around Ikebukuro. The cafe is situated on the top 2 floors of Animate, on Otome road. To attend the cafe you had to book in advance by entering into a lottery for the time and day you wanted, using the Club Animate website.

IMG_5481 (Small)

This is the entrance to the cafe. They always put a lot of effort into making them seem cosy. The room was filled with Durarara items, such as Celty’s scythe behind the desk.

They had screen shots from the anime filling the walls around the cafe.

Each table was even decorated with laminated pictures of the characters; each table had a different character on!

Around the room they had some really pretty wall scrolls made for the event. I really wanted to take a bunch of them home; sadly none of them were for sale.

Next, let’s take a look at the food!

All the food and drink is based on characters from the series. With each drink you get a free coaster, and each plate of food you get a plastic bookmark. Which character you get is totally randomised, so you won’t know who you will get!  They also had an english menu and instructions at the side for non-Japanese speakers.

These are the drinks we got. The red one was based on Saika; a Cherry and Rose flavoured drink. The green one was based after Dotachin; a melon soda float, but with sesame ice cream rather than vanilla. They were both pretty tasty!


This was the ‘Lunch plate’. It didn’t seem to be based on a particular character. There were 5 different parts to this meal. Top right you have Inari Zushi. Top left was smoked salmon with grated daikon then some tiny shrimp sprinkled on top. Bottom left was shrimp tamagoyaki. Bottom middle was a sakura mochi jelly thing, I’m not too sure what it was to be completely honest, haha. The last item was a matcha sponge with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry mousse.


This was the black curry!

This was the Strawberry Anri parfait. Ice cream, strawberry sauce, cream, strawberry pocky, strawberry mochi, strawberries and cream. This parfait had it all!


This was the Heiwajima family plate! I believe it was supposed to look as if Shizuo had just thrown a bunch of objects around, which is pretty cool! It consisted of a Japanese rice snack, pocky, mini Kit Kats, caramel pudding, marshmallow, strawberry mochi, strawberries, cream, a strawberry ice-cream puff, and pineapple stars!

It was all very tasty. They also had a shop selling some Durarara goods which included limited edition cafe clear files and keyrings.

All in all, it was a very good cafe and was definitely worth a visit, as most theme cafes usually are!