Dragon Ball Super Appears on Crunchyroll in the UK

It would appear that there is an as of yet unannounced addition to the UK side of the Crunchyroll library and a pretty big title at that – Dragon Ball Super.

UK Anime Network has reported that Dragon Ball Super is currently available to stream in the UK through Crunchyroll. You can see on the series’ Crunchyroll page that there is no territory restriction in place allowing you to watch all 91 currently aired episodes.

When Dragon Ball Super was finally made available to fans through legal streaming services in the west late last year the series was noticeably absent from the UK side of the Crunchyroll library. Thankfully Daisuki were able to fill that void but it will no doubt delight a lot of fans now that they can watch through Crunchyroll and the many devices the service supports.

Without an official announcement from Crunchyroll, however, there is always the possibility that this could be a mistake and or error but hopefully, that is not the case.

Source: UK Anime Network