Anime Releases [February 2017]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity anime release schedule, a complete schedule for anime releases in the UK. It’s unfortunate that I have to begin proceedings with a warning but based upon previous months I feel it necessary. It’s very likely that a large number of releases listed below will not make their scheduled release date. As always we’ll be keeping this schedule updated throughout the month so be sure to check back regularly.

06/02Berserk Collector's Edition CollectionBlu-rayMVM Entertainment
06/02Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Movie CollectionBlu-ray / DVDManga Entertainment
06/02Bleach Complete Series 16DVDManga Entertainment
06/02Naruto Shippuden Box Set 27DVDManga Entertainment
06/02Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Season 2DVDManga Entertainment
13/02Blood Lad Complete CollectionBlu-rayAll the Anime
13/02DRAMAtical Murder Complete SeriesCombi PackManga Entertainment
13/02Fairy Tail Part 11DVDFunimation
13/02Gurren Lagann - TV Series and Movie Collection (Zavvi Exclusive)Blu-rayAll the Anime
13/02Persona 3 - Movie 1CE Combi Pack / DVDAll the Anime
20/02Eden of the East - Collector's Edition CollectionBlu-rayAll the Anime
20/02Escaflowne Complete CollectionBlu-rayAll the Anime
20/02Gurren Lagann Movie CollectionBlu-rayAll the Anime
20/02Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Part 1Blu-rayAll the Anime
20/02Show by Rock Season 1 CollectionCombi PackFunimation
20/02Yona of the Dawn Part 2Combi PackFunimation
27/02Absolute Duo CollectionCombi PackFunimation
27/02Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart ThrobBlu-ray / DVDManga Entertainment
27/02No-Rin CollectionCombi PackFunimation
27/02Owarimonogatari Part 1Blu-ray / DVDMVM Entertainment

*We’ve decided to change our links to products from Amazon to Anime-On-Line mainly because they are generally cheaper and we like to support that.

**(Blu-ray / DVD) means released separately on both formats, although in some cases they may be released as a combo pack, in which case that will be marked with (Combi Pack). Instance, where CE or DE is used this, denotes Collector’s Edition and Deluxe Edition respectively.