Anime Releases [February 2015]

Welcome to the Japan Curiosity anime release schedule, the most complete schedule for anime releases in the UK. Winding down after the Christmas months we actually have quite a full month ahead, mainly due to some issues for MVM’s releases that were due last month and of course the ever changing release dates of Anime Limited. That being said it’s an interesting month and one not full of the usual Shonen titles that fill up most of the list. Immediately one title pops out to us here at Japan Curiosity and that’s Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning , being huge fans of Tiger & Bunny and actually having the privilege to watch this movie at Scotland Loves Anime a few years back, excitement is not a strong enough word.

Take a look at the complete list here:

02/02 Blood Lad Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Anime Limited
02/02 Blood Lad DVD Anime Limited
02/02 Kamisama Dolls Collection DVD MVM Entertainment
02/02 Perfect Blue Blu-Ray Anime Limited
09/02 Chrome Shelled Regios Collection DVD MVM Entertainment
09/02 Naruto Shippuden Box Set 20 DVD Manga Entertainment
09/02 Otorimonogatari Blu-Ray MVM Entertainment
16/02 Battle Girls Time Paradox Collection DVD MVM Entertainment
16/02 Onimonogatari Blu-Ray / DVD MVM Entertainment
16/02 Shangri-La Collection DVD MVM Entertainment
16/02 Tiger & Bunny – The Beginning Blu-Ray / DVD Anime Limited
23/02 Black Butler: Steelbook Edition Blu-Ray Warner Home Video
23/02 Fairy Tail: Collection 9 DVD Manga Entertainment
23/02 Harlock Space Pirate [3D/2D] Blu-Ray Manga Entertainment
23/02 Michiko & Hatchin Part 2 DVD MVM Entertainment

* Anime Limited entries in this schedule should be taken with a pinch of salt, with no official release dates via their website assumptions have to be made using Amazon UK.

** (Blu-Ray / DVD) means released separately on both formats, although in same cases they may be release as a combo pack in which case that will be mark with (Dual Format).Stay tuned for more releases next month and make sure to check out the latest manga release schedule which will be up in a few days. We do all the hard work for you so make sure you have enough cash to keep up!