Voice Actress Kana Hanazawa to Star in 2015 Live-Action Film

Anime voice actress Kana Hanazawa, (Anri Sonohara, Durarara!! ; Mayuri Shiina, Steins;Gate ) will star in the upcoming film Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda (I Am Useless Without You) , the first live-action movie in which she will play the lead role. Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda will be released in theaters this March.

The story will follow Kana Hanazawa as picture book author An Kanade who falls into a slump after winning a rookie of the year award, spending her time fooling around and not getting anything done with her editor Tomoe. While looking out for her cat Pero one day, An views a mysterious board stating: “In return for bringing back Pero, take the sun from the world. Sounds good? An?” Afterwards, An starts finding more of these mysterious message boards all over town in the same writing style of her father (played by Shigemitsu Ogi), a writer that disappeared when she was young.

Additional cast includes Yukiko Asamori, San Nakamura, Yuki Umoto, Naoko Watanabe and child actress Miku Shimura.

Tatsuya Murakami, who worked on Hanazawa’s music videos, will make his debut as a story film director with Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda . 2009 Sundance Institute/NHK Award winner Kenji Sawada will be in charge of the script and Aniplex will play the role as film distributor.

The theme song of the film will be Hanazawa’s eighth upcoming single which is the same name as the movie. The CD single will be released in a limited and regular edition on February 25th, Hanazawa’s 26th birthday.

Limited edition jacket:

Regular edition jacket:

Track list:
1. Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda (君がいなくちゃだめなんだ)

2. Blessing Bell

3. Unmei no Megami (運命の女神)

4. Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda (君がいなくちゃだめなんだ) (Instrumental)

You can pre-order the CDs here: https://www.aniplexplus.com/itemaLmruRHy

Source: Kana Hanazawa’s Official Music Website .