Original Key Visual Arts Anime Charlotte, New Angel Beats! OVA and Visual Novel Release Date

Major key points during the December 22nd Aniplex x Key Visual Arts Conference include an announcement of a new original anime called Charlotte along with a new Angel Beats! OVA titled “Hell’s Kitchen.” It was also announced that the visual novel Angel Beats! – 1st Beat will be released on May 29, 2015.

P.A. Works will be animating Key Visual Art’s original series Charlotte with Jun Maeda, who worked on previous Key projects, as the scriptwriter and Na-Ga, another veteran of various Key works, as the character designer.

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Translations: And so, in 2015… It’s time to move to a new frontier. 5 years since Angel Beats! . We were waiting for this day. When a boy and a girl meet each other, their cruel fate begins to move. The promise is that you’ll come back. (Source: ANN)

In the Angel Beats! Blu-ray box set to be released June 24, 2015, an Angel Beats! OVA titled “Hell’s Kitchen” will be bundled. The scenario will be written by Jun Maeda.

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The PC visual novel Angel Beats! – 1st Beat will be released on May 29, 2015. The game is the first of a six-volume series and will cover up to episode 10 of the anime series. Angel Beats! – 1st Beat will include the story routes of Masami Iwasawa, Matsushita, and Yui. Those who pre-order the game starting January 30 will receive an unreleased Girls Dead Monster CD single titled “Million Star.”

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Yuri: Revenge against God, and we’re on the frontlines. Five years since the 2010 anime’s broadcast, it finally gets an adventure game adaptation. The fight of girls and boys in an academy in the afterlife. The pasts of the members of the force that couldn’t be told in the anime are finally told.

Yuri: I kept you waiting. Angel Beats! the PC game is rebooted!

Text: Boys and girls who have regrets.

Yuri: Humans who had regrets in their former life gather at this academy. With the school as the stage, my group Shinda Sekai Sensen and God’s pawn Angel are part of a spectacular tornado of action! By choosing one of a few options, different story points are prepared. I wouldn’t suggest it, but it looks like you can even go to classes seriously. You can see human relations that were impossible in the anime, as well as unbelievable relations! You can even stop Isawa from disappearing like she did in the third episode! Try and see yourself what kind of story will be written. The afterlife academy adventure! Angel Beats! – 1st Beat. Operation starting on May 29, 2015! (Source: ANN)

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