Out Now – Kabukimonogatari

The UK is lucky enough to be getting a lot of Monogatari goodness lately, the next release in the series is Kabukimonogatari . MVM Entertainment are releasing the series in sections like the original novel, this is a really interesting, but nice way to release the show. Monogatari is something you want to enjoy slowly and having it come to us the way the novels were released is a great way of achieving that.

Kabukimonogatari is out now, our review will be up next week, but I can tell you now this is one series you’ll want to check out.

Every action has a consequence.
It’s August 20th and the last day of the summer holidays for Koyomi Araragi. After the realization that he hasn’t started any of his holiday assignments, with the first day of school tomorrow looming over him, he decides to cheat the system by calling the help of Shinobu to travel back in time. Except it seems they’ve travelled back too far, so far back that it’s 11 years in the past and the date in May 13th. By sheer luck the date is the day before Mothers Day when Mayoi was killed in a car accident. Deciding to alter the past, Koyomi must face the effects it has on the future.