Out Now – Garden of Sinners Collection

Before Tsukihime, before the Fate/Series there was Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners. Type-Moon’s debut novel series would finally see an anime adaptation almost ten years later in the form of eight animation movies by Ufotable. Garden of Sinners Collection is out now on DVD from MVM Entertainment .

This Limited Edition DVD Box Set features all eight movies in 8 discs, a deluxe 36-page booklet (including an Image Gallery of breathtaking artworks of announcement key visuals, theatrical posters, Japanese video covers and more!), and a set of beautiful 14 postcards illustrated by TAKASHI TAKEUCHI (the original character design) and SUDO TOMONORI (animation director / anime character design). All of the discs will have its own slim amaray case featuring an original illustration, bonus materials and will be packaged inside a gorgeous study rigid box.

After spending two years in a coma due to a traffic accident, Shiki Ryougi awakens with amnesia. In turn, however, she finds that she has also obtained the “Mystic Eyes of Death Perception,” with which she can see the invisible lines of mortality that hold every living and non-living thing together. Working for a small independent agency, Shiki attempts to unravel the baffling mystery behind a series of abnormal, horrifying incidents, but do they foreshadow something even more tragic and ominous?

Things are not what they appear to be on the surface, but what dark revelations lie underneath? Shiki must tackle supernatural incidents with her special abilities while searching for a reason to live

Check out our review for Garden of Sinners coming in the next few days.