Coming Soon – Watamote Collection

Does the key to high school popularity lie in dating sim games and how many hours you’ve sunk into them, Tomoko Kuroki seems to think so. However three months into her high school life and she hasn’t become the idol she imagined she would. The Watamote Collection is out in the UK on the 15th December from MVM Entertainment available on both DVD and Blu-Ray.

Popularity isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle.
Tomoko Kuroki’s lack of social life is all due to others incompetence. After all, having clocked up hundreds of hours in dating sim games, Tomoko is well prepared for any situation that life happens to throw her way. So when it’s three months into Tomoko’s high school life and she hasn’t made a single friend, least of all spoken to anyone, something has to change. Does the blame however lie in others or does Tomoko need to properly look at herself in the mirror.

Check out our review for Watamote coming in the next few days.