The Week in Review [29 Sept – 05 October]

This week we start off our latest series of articles focusing on our initial impressions of the current seasons anime and provide our monthly manga schedule to help you plan your purchases. We also début our newest writer Craig who tackles the latest strategy RPG from NIS America, Sam returns with another anime review this time on the classic Sunrise anime Cowboy Bebop and Jack takes on the challenge of Burger King’s mysterious Kuro (black) Burger.

Manga Releases [October 2014]

Whether it’s your basic shonen manga or niche titles such as Massive: Gay Japanese Manga and the Men Who Make It, this month’s schedule has it all. Check out the full schedule here !

Burger King’s Kuro Burger

If you are looking at this image and thinking maybe it’s been photoshopped to have a black bun, black cheese and sauce then you would be wrong as this is 100% real, check out Jack’s Kuro Burger adventure here !

Review – Cowboy Bebop

Sam’s back again this week with another review, this time the classic Cowboy Bebop to celebrate its Blu-Ray collection being released here in the UK tomorrow. Check out Sam’s full review here !


Debuting here at J-Curi with a review for Natural Doctrine is another new writer Craig, read here for full details and insights into the cross platform Strategy RPG from NIS America.

First Look – TerraFormars

With TerraFormars’ kick-off of the autumn anime season of 2014, we begin a new series of articles dedicated to giving insight into the latest shows as well as our own initial impressions. Read our First Look of TerraFormars here !