First Look – TerraFormars









D irected By: Hiroshi Hamasaki

Pr od uced By: Warner Japan/Liden Films

Genre: Action/Sci-Fi/Seinen

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TerraFormars is an anime adaptation of the hugely popular manga series of the same name, written by Yu Sasuga, illustrated by Kenichi Tachibana, andcurrently runs in the magazine Weekly Young Jump . This adaptation will run for 13 episodes throughout the autumn 2014 anime season. The first volume of the manga has been adapted into two OVA episodes, the first of which has already been released in Japan earlier this year, with the other following next month. There is currently no release for these OVAs overseas, but one would expect to see them as a nice bonus in a future home video release, the manga however is currently being published in English via Viz Media with the first volume already out and the second coming next week.

Set in the year 2620, a virus has spread around the world and humanity’s only hope is placed in the crew of Annex #1, as they travel to Mars to inspect the effects of the Terra Forming project which begun hundreds of years ago. The Project involved using moss, a plant that is very resilient and can grow in almost any environment, alongside a bug with equal qualities – Cockroaches. Their goal is to obtain samples of the resident cockroaches in the hope of finding a cure to the virus.

The first episode didn’t really do much in the way of explaining the overall plot and background that the manga covered, this is probably where the OVAs come into play. However, it did do a good job of introducing us to our main character, Akari Hizumaru, alongside some brief interaction with other main and supporting characters. While the majority of the episode focuses on Hizumaru and his motivations, the end gives us a peak at the complete crew of Annex #1 and the inevitable launch to Mars.

Behind the production of this adaptation is Liden Films, a company with only a handful of series under its belt, a large amount being OVA/ONAs and short movies, and is probably the biggest unknown in this outing, but with Hiroshi Hamasaki (Co-Director and Key Animator for Steins;Gate ) in the directors chair and a pretty solid cast of seiyuu, we seem to be in good hands, but fingers crossed TerraFormars doesn’t go the same way some recent Weekly Young Jump manga have ended up. I’m looking at you Tokyo Ghoul !

Those who haven’t read the first volume of the manga or seen the OVAs, don’t need to feel too left out or unsure about starting TerraFormars, as while the back story is important and helps give some insight into the series, it shouldn’t hinder your enjoyment of the anime.

TerraFormers gets off to a good start, but can it keep it up?