Yuri Kuma Arashi Exhibition

Hello everyone, Nice to meet you all! I’m a new writer for Jcuri. Currently living in Japan I hope to show you some fun and interesting events that I attend around the country during my time here.

First off  I will be talking about the Yuri Kuma Arashi exhibition I stumbled upon in Nakano Broadway last month. Yuri Kuma Arashi aired in the Winter 2014-2015 Season.

Being a big fan of the series I was eager to rush inside and take a look.

Character concept art

The first thing inside was a wall of character concept art. They show some of the very early designs of the characters and how they developed into their final designs. I think that many of the early concepts were super cute and it would have been nice to have seen those designs used in the story. However I still think the designs they decided on were cute and worked well with the story.

Concept bear designs

I think the concept designs for the bear were pretty creepy though! I’m glad they changed them.

Yuri kuma arashi plushies

They also had life size plushies of Ginko and Lulu, these actually up for pre-order at the moment at various shops, so it was nice to see them up close before they got released. They are pretty big and good quality.

Artbooks and manga

Next to the plushies they had a selection of Yuri Kuma manga and art-books which you were welcome to flick through and browse.

Target practice

Towards the back of the exhibition they had this shooting practice section, there was a nerf gun for you to use and you could practice shooting the bears or the target. They were too cute to shoot but I did have a go shooting the target.


There was also a large gallery of promotional art and some screenshot from the shows. There was also some information on the plot from each episode with images of important scenes, however this showed spoilers so I will not post photos of that here.

Ginko's bear outfitGinko's school uniform

Ginko’s outfits were also on display. Both of these are planned as being sold as cosplay outfits in the near future. They had both her ‘kuma outfit’ and her school uniform.

Ginko's pendant
Ginko’s pendant was another item on display.

Finally they also had a shop selling Yuri Kuma goods and a display showing pages from the Yuri Kuma Arashi manga.

Overall it was pretty packed for such a small and also free exhibition. I feel pretty lucky to have stumbled upon it.

It was open 2015.4.9 – 2015.4.21, so sadly this post is too late for anyone who wants to visit.