Your Name English Dub Trailer and Cast Revealed + Cinema Update

Yesterday UK distributor All the Anime updated fans on the status of cinema screening for Your Name in the UK as well unveiling the English dub cast for the movie and an English dubbed trailer.

The English dub is produced by NYAV post (A Letter To Momo, Psychic School Wars) and will be available first in the UK from November 18th at select venues.

The Cast:
Taki Tachibana – Michael Sinterniklaas
Mitsuha Miyamizu – Stephanie Sheh
Katsuhiko Teshigawara – Kyle Hebert
Sayaka Natori – Cassandra Morris
Tsukasa Fujii – Ben Pronsky
Shinta Takagi – Ray Chase
Yotsuha Miyamizu – Catie Harvey
Toshiki Miyamizu -Scott Williams
Futaba Miyamizu – Michelle Ruff
Taki’s Father – Marc Diraison
Teshigawara’s Father – H. D. Quinn
Teshigawara’s Mother – Michelle Ruff
Yukari Yukino – Katy Vaughn
Miki Okudera – Laura Post
Hitoha Miyamizu – Glynis Ellis

Additional Voices:
Ray Chase
Kevin T. Collins
Marc Diraison
Ben Diskin
Erin Fitzgerald
Paige Fitzgerald
Sri Gordon
Wayne Grayson
Catie Harvey
Kyle Hebert
Eddy Lee
Cherami Leigh
Laura Post
Ben Pronsky
H. D. Quinn
Spencer Rosen
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld
Michelle Ruff
Erica Schroeder
Kaiji Tang
Maki Terashima-Furuta
Katy Vaughn

The Staff:
ADR Director – Stephanie Sheh, Michael Sinterniklaas
Additional ADR Director – Anthony Tortorici
Casting Director – Stephanie Sheh
English Script Adapter – Clark Cheng
Recording Engineers – Anthony Tortorici, Michael Schneider
Production Coordinator – Clark Cheng
Production Assistant – Anthony Tortorici
Audio Mixer – Oscar Garcia
Recording Studio – NYAV Post


All the Anime have updated their plans for theatrical release in the UK based on the popularity of Your Name. What was once meant to be an exclusive one-day screening event has now expanded meaning more chances for fans to see the movie and in a choice of both English dub or Japanese with English Subtitles. All the Anime have also stated that more screens may be added over the next few weeks as demand grows. For now here is the current state for Your Name screenings in the UK.


We’re really happy to announce that “Your Name” is evolving too! What started as an exclusive one-day event screening has evolved into a platformed release.

Simply put we’re no longer on one-day so the screenings have grown as detailed below:

– November 18th – November 23rd: Our friends at Showcase will be running the film in 16 of their venues up to the 24th twice a day, once dubbed and once subtitled.

– November 24th: Over 120 venues will play Your Name, the majority in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

– November 25th – 30th: Select venues are scheduled to hold the film over the following week which so far includes the Vue cinemas in Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford, the Odeon cinemas in London (Panton Street), Kingston, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton along with individual screenings in Brighton (Duke of York), Glasgow (Glasgow Film Theatre), Aberystwyth (Aberystwyth Arts Centre) and Leeds (Hyde Park Picturehouse).

– December 4th: We love the work our friends from the soon to be announced dub (tonight at 18:00)! So much so that we’re hosting a day exclusively to celebrate their work with screenings in 13 venues across the UK and Ireland.

– December 9th – 27th January: We have a range of screenings with independent cinemas booked in for this period in another 4-5 venues so far.

Tickets and more venue information on sale as always through

For full details on everything, Your Name related make sure you check out the All the Anime blog.