We’re Looking for New Writers!

We’re hiring… or would it be classed as recruiting volunteers as there’s no money involved? Either way, we’re looking for reliable, talented and creative writers to take on the enviable task of reviewing anime.

Sadly, It’s not all glitz and glamour but if you’re looking for an outlet for your creative musings and don’t mind piles of discs being sent to you on a regular basis then we want to hear from you!

What we need from you:

  • Bribes
  • A sample or samples of written work. (This can be previously published content from a website, blog or an unpublished piece of written content. It also doesn’t need to be a review just something to let us see what you can produce.
  • See above.

We’re also looking for some dedicated news writers that can react fast to the latest press releases and news as it happens. This basically just involves write-ups of relevant news across anime, manga and games combined with a sprinkle of Japan Curiosity creativity.

That’s it, pretty simple. Just send an email to either myself at n.cooney@gmail.com or to japan.curiosity@gmail.com we look forward to reading what you send in.