Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #36-37 2021 Roundup

The combined Weekly Shonen Jump Issue #36-37 of 2021 is here and features a shared cover and lead colours pages for Dr. Stone. Series also featuring colour pages this week are Sakamoto Days, Witch Watch and Bleach Special Chapter.

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Spoilers ahead!

Dr. Stone Ch. 206 – Lead Colour Page

It’s starting to feel like the more the characters split off and go their separate ways, the less the momentum is sustained. It was great to see Taiju and the team make it back to corn city and revive everyone there, but that was short-lived. The focus fell back to India and the need for a computer. I’ve always enjoyed the education portions of Dr. Stone but it’s getting a little less fun. 

One Piece Ch. 1021

It was great to see more of Robin again this week we even got a little flashback too. Of all the Straw Hat Crew, I feel like Robin gets the least amount of page-time. And yet she has arguably the best back story that we’re only given the tiniest of glimpses at. Still, it was a great chapter with a nice showdown against Black Maria. The next chapter looks like we’ll be switching gears back to Momonosuke and Luffy. 

My Hero Academia Ch. 322

So we’re still on the saving Deku thing. It’s taking a while. I’d like to say it’s because Deku is so strong it’s taken all they have to stop him. Partly true, but mostly a lot of self-reflective dialogue and unnecessary prolonging. The end of the chapter was interesting. The evacuated citizens clearly have an issue with Deku returning to UA as they fear for their own safety. While have to see how that plays out in future chapters.

Jujutsu Kaisen Ch. 154

This little side story to recruit Kinji Hakari has been an enjoyable fare. Jujutsu Kaisen has been doing these smaller contained stories very well as of late. It feels like this story is coming to its conclusion however as Panda and Fushigoro close in on the room Kinji hides himself in. The infiltration almost felt like Sakamoto Days and featured some really nice action too. I’m just waiting for the random culling game to pop up again soon. 

Black Clover Ch. 302

Asta isn’t wrong in this chapter, everyone really is so cool. Luck makes a surprise entrance and joins forces with Gaja to unleash some lightning magic of epic proportions. Luck wasn’t the only surprise as Nozel makes his entrance on the last page. Nozel is going to exact some good old revenge of Megicula that’s for sure.

Sakamoto Days Ch. 34 – Colour Page

Sakamoto Days is the perfect blend of action and comedy. The family restaurant segment equals parts funny and exciting. It might seem like I’m heaping on the praise, but this series is that technically sound. Pacing, action, comedy, it all just works week to week. 

Blue Box Ch. 16

Blue Box is really going for it. No teasing, just straight into it. So Hina now knows that Taiki is living with Chinatsu and the arrangement between their parents. In Hina’s always level-headed way, she’s cool with it and understands. But, we all know that Hina is never really okay with Taiki’s feelings toward Chinatsu. She hides it well, but sometimes you just can’t stop them. Ever since Hina was introduced as the friend character, I’ve always felt a little confused. Chinatsu is great but Hina seems that much better, I guess I’m team Hina!

The Hunters Guild: Red Hood Ch. 6

We’re finally out of the hamlet! The world is so interesting already, lumbering giants and crab tanks!? Who could have guessed that werewolves would appear relatively normal alongside a world filled with these strange creatures. There are even new characters that are pretty badass and they’re not even hunters, couldn’t cut it. So it looks like Velou is in for some hellish training. Can’t wait to see what comes next. 

Highschool Family: Kokosei Kazoku Ch. 49

This chapter might be one of the funniest yet. Seriously, the interactions between Ichiro and his own father attending high school are genius. Hachiro is a bit of a player and hilarious I hope we get to see him again.

Neru: Way of the Martial Artist Ch. 5

A good amount of action on this week. We get to see Neruma and a fellow examinee taking on easily one of the toughest of examiners. Not sure I’m too keen on seeing action presented in this way, however. There’s a lot of swishing motions to insinuate martial art movements which is great to show the speed. But there’s something to be praised for showing accurate and technically proficient actions. It’s still early and there’s plenty of room to mature during the series run, I hope.

Bleach Special Chapter – Colour Page

This was a really wonderful chapter. It did a great job and reintroduced everyone at a steady pace, allowing us the audience to learn and adjust to their current world. Even the little kids, they suddenly add a whole new dynamic to the characters with followed for years. They’re parents! The hollow without spiritual pressure was a real nice touch and I can only hope we soon more of this story soon. This could possibly be the best Bleach has been in years, by that of course I mean during its serialisation, not the five years since it ended. 

I do have a criticism, however, I could not remember who Szayelaporro was and give the time between his last appearance until now it’s not surprising. So a little catch wouldn’t have gone amiss there. 

Mashle: Magic and Muscles Ch. 73

Was the last fight over? I know Mash manages to smash the monster into the ground, but was that all it took and what about Innocent Zero? They all kindly left just like that to allow Mash and friends, even principal Wahlberg, to sun themselves at the beach. Honestly, thought I had somehow skipped a chapter. It was a funny chapter, nonetheless.

Witch Watch Ch. 25 – Colour Page

So Wolf turned out to be Keigo and the person we have come to know as Wolf is a weird watered-down backwards transformation that takes place at the sight of a crescent moon. Did not that see coming. I wouldn’t say it adds anything particularly meaningful to the story, nor does it take anything away. Perhaps the only friend the trio really seems to have outside of a strange relationship with the witch Nemu. 

Undead Unluck Ch. 74

We’re finally at the showdown between Union and Under as they try to take down the Uma Spring and still come out on the winning side. The build to this point in the story has been really bland. I said finally, not out of excitement but sheer wanting of something interesting to happen. A lot of dialogue has taken place over the last few chapters, but nothing meaningful has actually been said. Hopefully, with some good action and a good showdown between organisations, things are going to pick up.

The Elusive Samurai Ch. 27

I feel like this series is becoming one big joke. That the author is going out of his way to write any nonsense and see what will fly with the editors at Shueisha. 

Ayakashi Triangle (Web-Only, 18+) Ch. 55

Every now and then there’ll be a chapter that will just make you go “oooohhh” and this was definitely one of those. The subtle build to this moment, amongst endless amounts of lewdness, has been interesting to follow. Now we’re finally at a point where you just want pure story with no distractions. I highly doubt that’s what will get in the next chapter, but it’s heading in an exciting direction story-wise. 

Me & Roboco Ch. 52

Sometimes I’m at a loss for words. What can you say about Me & Roboco at this point? Recycling jokes, but instead of making them better, just making them longer. This series is neither good nor bad, it just exists.

Magu-Chan: God of Destruction Ch. 54

Naputaaku is easily the star of this series by far. Give me a spin-off series where Naputaaku works in various restaurants, food stalls and beach huts. That’s clearly where the money is. A good chapter this week, mostly thanks to Naputaaku, these frantic but normal life scenarios are golden. Good of them, please. 

Candy Flurry (Ame no Furu) Ch. 15

I’ve forgotten what the reason for this fight is. Was there even a reason? Still, Tsumugi finally enters the fray after apparently just standing around watching the destruction for a couple of chapters. 

Mission: Yozakura Family Ch. 93

This was a fun chapter. Of course, Futaba’s stage would never be simple. After the very physical nature of the previous stage, it was a pleasant change of pace.

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