Unlight – New Facebook Card/RPG Game from Gloczus, Inc

Gloczus, a Japanese based company dedicated to high quality digital content, have announced that the Facebook online browser game Unlight is now available in North America.

Unlight is a Facebook online card battle and roll-playing-game developed by Techway, boasting 2 millions players across Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and France – and now it is available in North America. In Unlight players can collect up to 200 character card with each character card being customizable, with a well told story and an impressive amount of characters Unlight has been well received in previously launched countries, quickly becoming the Asia-Pacific No.1 Facebook App.

Key-artHere’s out Gloczus say about the game:

“The Saint of Flame” in the Roaring Mountain is seeking a chance to revenge. She organizes an army together of dead warriors. The Saint of Flame is trying to gather dead warriors who lost souls in the underworld. The Saint proceeds with the army to undertake the world she hates.

The story is based on the 18th century European imaginary world with the high technology.

The warriors lost souls with the tragic stories. They committed suicide or were assassinated, no matter they were royals, poor or outlaws. Now they are eager to relieve from their deaths. Will the Saint’s plan go as she thinks…?

Here are some of the Key Points:

Double Elements – You can enjoy both elements of card game and roll-playing-games! In card game, you can battle with another online player (Duel Mode) or CPU (Quest Mode).

Beautiful Graphics and various attractive characters – Each character has each story which will be unlocked by development of characters. Try to get premium cards in order to unlock and read characters’ mysterious stories.

How to play:

In the battle, “Attack” and “Defense” take turns in a determined order. You will use an action card to decide the character’s action of “Attack”, “Defense” or “Move”.

There are the numbers and effects on action cards; “Attack” : Short Range (Sword)”, “Attack : Middle or Long Range (Gun)”, “Defense (Shield)”, “Move (Horse)” and “Skill Activation (Special)”. When you attack or defend, a player rolls dices at the number on the action cards, and the total amount on dices is the strength of your attack or defense. You can get stronger with some efforts even without paying.