Unboxing: Seraph of the End Season One Part Two [Blu-ray]

Welcome to another anime unboxing here at Japan Curiosity this one in particular marks our first video attempt and while it may not be perfect it’s a starting point and we hope to continue providing video content, via YouTube, and improving as we do so. As usual, we have provided a selection of photographs of the release that will hopefully highlight some points of interest.

So without further ado let’s get to the unboxing of Seraph of the End Season One Part Two from Universal Pictures UK.

A quick note on the video itself, we have decided to share it in current form but the plan is to re-record the narration due to quality (meanly myself having a cold) which should hopefully improve the viewing experience.

If you haven’t already seen, we are currently running a competition for our readers to win their very own copy of Seraph of the End Season One Part Two in the format of their choice. You can find full details on the competition and how to enter here.

Now let’s get started, as you can see this release follows the same format that we have seen in the previous Seraph of the End set and The Heroic Legend of Arslan set. As you’d expect we have the familiar detachable J-Card/Information Sheet which contains all of the series information synopsis, technical details and certifications meaning the box itself is free to feature some full artwork.

So as you have noticed from the pictures above there is both DVD and Blu-ray version of this release, as has been the case with the previous release, and aside from the format of the discs, the set is completely identical. So here with have the front and back covers feature some really nice full artwork and the spine with the series title.

For comparison here is a picture of both of the Seraph of the End release and as you can see Part Two is noticeably slimmer which is due to the artbook/visual guide in Part One being a very large item.

So here is the 30-page Seraph of the End Battle in Nagoya Guide Book which is a lot slimmer than the Visual Guide that came with Part One but still maintains that very high quality we have come to expect from Universal Pictures. Inside you’ll find character information, concept designs and much more. It’s definitely worth having a look through.

As with Part One and The Heroic Legend of Arslan set, we have another selection of character card. I suppose if you own both sets then you could possibly have yourself a very small game top trump style who knows. We have also included (we forget in the video) the exclusive Ferid Bathory card that you can only obtain if you bought the set through Anime-on-Line, United Publications or Zoom.co.uk. Alternatively, Universal Pictures UK and All the Anime will have the exclusive Ferid Bathory card available at conventions such as MCM Comic Con.

Here we have some more art cards featuring characters from the series and again they are very nice looking and are of high quality.

Again like the Part One release we have another poster which mirrors the key visual that was used on the cover of the box.

Here we have quite possibly the most interesting items in the set and they are lenticular chibi character stickers. Now the video didn’t really pick up on the 3D-ish effect that these stickers have and the pictures below still don’t really do them justice. I’m sure like me many people will remember this kind of stickers from childhood (they seemed popular when I was young) and they are quite interesting. Due, I assume, to the nature of the 3d effect the stickers themselves are quite hard plastic which means they will be a lot longer lasting that your usual sticker set. All in all, I really like these, I don’t know if I’ll be sticking them anywhere but they are a really nice addition.

Next, we have the digipack complete with impressive art work on both the front and back. The discs themself unfortunately contain a lot of logo’s and certificates which is something we’ll just have to get used to. Under then discs though, once you’ve manages to pry the discs (without breaking them) from the holder we have some more artwork.

And there we have it, another great release from Universal Pictures UK everything item included is high quality and feels worthy of being included. I’m still impressed at the price point for this Collector’s Edition given the amount of items included when compared to those from other distributors.

Well, that’s it from us here at Japan Curiosity we hope you enjoyed our unboxing of Seraph of the End Season One Part Two. Let us know your thoughts on this release and be sure to check out our review of the series and enter our competition for a chance to win yourself a copy.