Unboxing: Seraph of the End Season One Part One

Welcome to our very first anime unboxing here at Japan Curiosity and what a release we have to unbox! Graciously provided by Universal Pictures UK, we have Seraph of the End Season One Part One on blu-ray.

On initial inspection we can see that the set itself comes with an information sheet, or J-card, that includes BBFC age rating, logo’s etc., on the bottom all the technical details, and the back features synopsis and a run down of people that have worked on the series.


With the cellophane off, the information sheet is clearly detachable; I did have to carefully remove a little sticker holding it in place, my only issue now though is what do I do with it? I hate to throw things away but the box is clearly better looking without it and features some really nice artwork.


So what comes in the set? Well, a set of four character cards featuring information such as name, age etc., a set of four gorgeous character art cards, a decent sized poster, and a luxury (the only way to describe it) visual guide.


The visual guide is such a hard one to describe as the quality of its finish is fantastic; I could only describe it as luxury, no other word seems to fit. It’s quite a weighty book with amazingly detailed information and artwork within. If you’re a fan of artbooks than this one certainly goes above and beyond the norm with its variety of content.

Next up is the digipack that holds the discs, which features some nice artwork on the front and back, and the disc themselves which are pretty nice despite being covered with logos and information. Under the discs is also some artwork which is a nice touch as it’s usually an underutilised space.


Here’s everything that comes in the set, not a bad collection of items; they’re housed nice in the rigid box. If I’m honest, it’s easily one of the more value for money set we’ve seen released in recent years and I don’t recall this even being called a Collector’s Edition.


Well that’s it from us here at Japan Curiosity, we hope you enjoyed our unboxing of Seraph of the End Season One Part One. Let us know what your thoughts are and be sure to check out our review of this release here and we hope to bring you more unboxing articles and videos soon.