The Legend Of Bruce Lee Exclusive Infographic

To celebrate the mighty Bruce Lee and the four incredible new releases from Mediumrare Entertainment we have an exclusive interactive infographic with key facts about the legend himself.

Available now from Mediumrare Entertainment are Bruce Lee’s iconic martial arts epics in awesome individual Dual Format Blu-ray and DVD sets.

BIG_BOSS_DUAL_BR_Layout_1The Big Boss – Bruce Lee’s first major role and the movie that made him a star across Asia. He plays a man who uncovers a drug smuggling ring after his cousins mysteriously disappear. With a brilliant performance from Lee, plus his incredible trademark fighting, it’s a true martial arts classic! Buy it here.

FOF_DUAL_BR_Layout_1Fist of Fury – Bruce Lee’s second film in a leading role features groundbreaking martial arts action and an emotionally charged story about Chinese and Japanese racial tensions. An instant classic on release and still considered one of Lee’s greatest moments on-screen. Buy it here.

WAY_OF_DRAGON_DUAL_BR_Layout_1The Way of the Dragon – The film that made Bruce Lee an icon and one of the biggest movie stars in the world. He plays a martial artist who travels to Italy to defend a relative’s restaurant from local gangsters. Though it’s as much a culture clash comedy as a martial arts film, it features some of Lee’s most famous action scenes. Buy it here.

GOD_BLURAY_DUAL_V2_Layout_1Game of Death – The legendary martial arts film that was still unfinished at the time of its star and director Bruce Lee’s death. Using a mixture of newly shot scenes and footage taken from earlier in Lee’s career, the film was given new life and became another martial arts classic. Buy it here.