Terra ForMars Anime Update

Details have been released regarding the Terra Formars anime series and OVA in the 14th issue of Weekly Young Jump. It states that the original video animation (OVA) will adapt the first volume of the manga which contains the Bugs #2 arc, while the television anime series will adapt the second volume onwards of the manga – the Annex #1 arc which is set 20 years after the events of the Bugs #2.

Terra Formars is a manga by Yū Sasuga (story)and Kenichi Tachibana (art)and is currently being published in Weekly Young Jump.

Set in the year 2577 Terra Formars follows the crew of Bugs #2, and later Annex #1, on their mission to explore Mars and inspect the effects of the Terra Forming project put into action hundreds of years previous. The Project involved using moss a plant that is very resilient and can grow in almost any environment alongside a bug with equal qualities – Cockroaches. The Bugs #2 is sent to Mars after a failed mission by the crew of Bugs #1 who encountered a race of humanoid cockroaches with far superior strength to humans and easily wiped out their crew. To combat these humanoid cockroaches and obtain information left by Bugs #1 the Bugs #2 crew have been surgically altered on a genetic level combining there DNA with that of other insects in the hopes that they can discover the reason behind the cockroaches sudden evolution.

Source: Anime News Network