Studio Ghibli’s Ocean Waves to see Blu-ray release from STUDIOCANAL on July 10th

A member of the popular Anime UK News Forum pointed out late yesterday afternoon that a listing for an Ocean Waves Blu-ray & DVD Double Play release has appeared on Amazon UK.

The Studio Ghibli film is one of the only titles in their vast library, released here in the UK by STUDIOCANAL, without a Blu-ray release. Previously a DVD-only release fans can now expect to add this new Blu-ray addition to their collection on July 10th.

From Studio Ghibli, the team that brought us Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, comes Ocean Waves, an underrated gem that has never been available before on DVD outside of Japan. Ocean Waves was the first Ghibli production not directed by the studio’s creators Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata. Directed instead by Tomomi Mochizuki, best known for his work on Here is Greenwood and Kimagure Orange Road: I Want To Return To That Day, and made with the collaboration of up-and-coming animators from the Ghibli studio. The film is therefore very much a product of the nurturing, teaching environment that the old masters had always envisaged the studio being.

Ocean Waves is a look back at the halcyon teenage years of Taku as he journeys to a high school reunion, reflecting upon the way on love, friendship and a fateful class trip to Tokyo. Fusing a naturalistic neo-realist style with nostalgic recollection of the anxieties of first love, it is an accomplished and hugely enjoyable addition to the Studio Ghibli cannon.

Source: Anime UK News Forum