Steins;Gate PC Game Trailer and Release Info

The Steins;Gate game has been officially completed and ready for English release as announced by JAST USA on Friday 14th of February. The official release date of the game has been set for 31st March this includes the limited edition and digital download edition, the standard physical edition will be released on 30th April.

The Steins;Gate visual novel was originally released on Xbox 360 in Japan back in 2009 and has since been re-released on PC and ported to PS3, PSP and PS Vita, as well as on IOS and Android. This PC release marks the first English release of the game and it’s first release outside of Japan.

Developed by 5pb and Nitro+ Steins;Gate is the second game in the series they call “Science Adventure Game” alongside Chaos;Head (2008)and Robotic;Notes (2012). In turn each of these games has inspired their own anime adaptions with Steins;Gate airing in 2011 and has since been released in the UK via Manga Entertainment on both DVD/Blu-Ray.

Although the game is only for release in the US it does make it that much more likely to hit the UK and with the option of purchasing the download edition this does make the game more easily available to those in the UK.
Disclaimer: The PC game is currently only available on release in the USA.

Source: JAST USA, Anime News Network