Selecta Play & hako life bring Unreal Life to Nintendo Switch in Europe

Selecta Play and Japanese developer hako life are set to release unique pixel art, point-and-click adventure game – Unreal Life, digitally for Nintendo Switch in Europe on December 3rd 2021.

Unreal Life, a poignant pixel art puzzler and point-and-click adventure, was single-handedly developed by hako life and has achieved tremendous recognition for its Japan release on Nintendo Switch in May 2020. Selecta Play brings localised versions (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese) to Europe for Nintendo Switch users to experience the distinctive puzzles and deep, fascinating story.

Unreal Life is rated PEGI 12 and released on Nintendo eShop for Europe on December 3, 2021.

“Unreal Life” is the story of her journey.

Unreal Life takes players on a journey with intriguing puzzles, interesting characters and a unique atmosphere. Starring Hal, a girl who lost her memories, can only but remember one thing, the name of her teacher – ‘Miss Sakura’. In setting out to find Miss Sakura, the girl can view the memories of the things she touches whilst travelling through a wonderfully crafted mysterious town, looking to recover her lost memories. Aided by a talking, AI-equipped traffic light “195”, offering to help her, Hal looks to compare memories of the past with the present to find hints and solve puzzles.

Follow the memories, follow the path, and what you will find is…

For further details on Unreal Life visit the SelectaVisión website here.