Review: Resident Evil 2 Welcome back to Raccoon City!

Release Date
January 25, 2019
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher / Developer
Survival horror

Resident Evil 2 was incredibly popular when it released the undead amongst the residents of Raccoon City in 1998 on the original PlayStation, but can a remake 20 years later recapture the same magic? 

This third-person survival horror sees you choosing which side of the story you’d like to see first, Claire Redfield, who is looking for her brother, or Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop. Both characters face their fair share of trials as they navigate corridors with evil lurking just about everywhere. As you explore various locations and solve interesting puzzles you’ll be given access to new areas and inch closer to your goal. Throughout the game, you’ll find a variety of useful items to aid you including herbs, gunpowder and weapon parts, which are always a welcome sight. 

You’ll need to either take on the various horrors or avoid them – if you can. Zombies aren’t a massive threat but they will take a fair amount of firepower to put down while leaving them will mean another obstacle to avoid. Weapons and ammunition come around fairly regularly, but knowing when and when not to engage an enemy is key to making sure you have enough bullets for when you really need it. 

Whether you’re exploring the cramped hallways of the Raccoon City Police Department, a morgue or a parking garage, the unsettling music and the far off groans of an unseen creature will have you constantly on edge. Everything from the lighting to the smallest sound effects adds to the overall experience. During some parts of the game, an unstoppable enemy will follow you relentlessly as you try your best to solve puzzles and grab items you desperately need. You’ll start by hearing his faint footsteps, which will slowly become louder and louder as he approaches. All of this combined ensures you’re in for one heck of a horror-filled adventure. 

The story is a simple one but will keep you engaged throughout, whether you’re a fan of the original or a new player. It has to be said that if you’re not a fan of horror, this is most definitely not one for you. Resident Evil 2 finds ways to ensure you remain on edge, even with the harder-hitting weapons in your arsenal.


Capcom has proven themselves to be extremely capable of not only capturing what made the original game so incredible – but how to add little touches to improve it. Resident Evil 2 is not a simple remake, it’s a love letter to the franchise and the fans who have stood by the series through thick and thin. Do not miss this.

Review copy provided by Capcom