Review: Overcooked 2 A Scrumptious Sequel!

Release Date
August 7, 2018
Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher / Developer
Team17 / Team17, Ghost Town Games
Single-player, Multiplayer

2016’s indie hit, Overcooked, was a brilliant, charming and relationship shattering cooperative game that had people hooked. Now, two years later, developer Ghost Town Games have brought us a sequel. 

Overcooked 2 begins with a world on the brink of destruction, “The Unbread” have appeared and nothing seems to be satisfying their unending hunger. It’s up to you to learn some brand new recipes, overcome challenging stages and become the Chef the world needs you to be!

Each level will ask you to whip up different dishes, including sushi, pizza, cake and many more. While you’re busy creating your masterpieces, your kitchen will be doing everything it can to get in your way. Windy hot air balloon rides and vanishing platforms will be just some of the hardships you’ll face on your way to satisfying your hungry customers. 

Levels have three stars, each requiring you to earn a certain amount of money to unlock them. A happy customer means a better tip, get your orders met in a timely manner and be rewarded with more money – miss them and you’re going to lose some. At the end of each level, you’ll see how well you did, thankfully you only need to earn one star to move on to the next stage.

The game introduces you to its mechanics and different recipes at a steady pace, ensuring players of all levels can enjoy the experience and have a good time. At first, you’ll able to cook up a storm and will be getting all of your dishes out in an orderly fashion. However, players are soon faced with cutting, cooking, washing up and avoiding each level’s hindrances. Overcooked is never unfair and the goals set are always achievable, with a little practice. 

Of course, mastering Overcooked 2 is a whole different experience, attempting to get three stars on every level and beating the hidden challenges will be no easy feat. But collectors and completionist are going to have a great time honing their skills.

Overcooked 2 can be played by a single player, but nothing can beat the feeling of playing with friends or loved ones. When you’ve burnt a meal and the kitchen is in flames around you, it’s wonderful to be able to blame it on a friend. Even the calmest of people will struggle to keep their cool when faced with the game’s tougher dishes, but preserving and overcoming these deliciously difficult levels is great – and you’ll find that the things you learn from them will help you in the late game areas.

The previous entry was lacking online multiplayer, thankfully Overcooked 2 changes that, meaning you’re no longer required to be in the same room to play. It’s also packed with content, there are six worlds, each with six levels, there are also some hidden levels, a party mode and versus mode too. No particular food or level outstays its welcome and I found myself wanting more when the credits rolled.


Overcooked 2 lives up to and improves upon its predecessor, it’s a joy to play from beginning to end. Whether it’s the perfected gameplay, sharp-witted dialogue, catchy music or cute art style, there is something to love in every area of the game.

Review copy provided by Team17