Review: Little Busters Ex OVA [DVD]

Release Date
Blu-ray, DVD
Studio / Publisher
J.C Staff / MVM
Language / Subtitles
English, Japanese / English
Run Time
200 minutes

I don’t like Little Busters anymore. I don’t care about its characters, plot or artistic merit. After having a kind of fun season one, and a “just good enough to watch” season 2, I was done with the franchise. Sadly, there are still these 8 OVA episodes to round off the series, so let’s go through them before we can lay this baseball team of friendship to rest.

Note: This review assumes knowledge of the first two seasons. If you haven’t already read them, here’s my review of Season One and Refrain.

3 stories are included in this release, the first being the longest. Set before the events of Refrain, Riki goes into the school after dark to go grab a McGuffin from the school. He hears gunfire in the building and a pretty girl named Saya Tokido forces him to leave. He then re-enters the building (Why did he go in after gun shots, is he crazy?) and finds the girl’s handbook, which causes them to meet in the daytime. It turns out she’s a hit man and they go on a treasure hunt inside the school.

The problem with this story, is that it makes Riki out to be insane. Saya tries to kill him three times. Three. Times. I understand Riki wanting to help the girl, because he is a ladies man, and wants to try and go out with every single girl he meets, but in the entirety of the rest of the show, he hasn’t been shown doing something as stupid as running head first into a murderer’s plot.

The other two stories are only two episodes apiece, one focusing on Rin’s rival, Sasasegawa, turning into a cat and only Riki being able to understand her. The other, once again, focuses on Fukutani, the student council president, and her crippling social disorders brought on by abuse by her family. Considering how matter-of-fact I made that last sentence, you can clearly see that I don’t care about the second of these stories; we already know the characters had a happy ending at the end of season 2, so there’s no tension.

The only redeeming quality about this OVA collection is the supporting cast. We see some bromance between Riki and Muscle Dude. We have another Kud spin, and see an interesting facet of Mio. Heck, the final OVA has all the Little Busters members dressed in funny costumes.
This release contains textless opening and ending songs, and trailers for other Sentai shows.

Little Busters has one big flaw; it isn’t part of the bigger series. If I watched these stories as they came up in the big picture, they could have been some of my favourite episodes of the show. I don’t see why the physical release couldn’t have been created in such a way, then this would have been possible, instead of creating the façade that this is a third season. I am grateful that these OVAs have been released in the west, unlike a lot of others that don’t make it in our releases, but I wish the story had been told in one go, instead of having parts thrown in afterwards.