Review: God Eater Part 2 [DVD]

Release Date
Blu-ray, DVD
Studio / Publisher
Ufotable / MVM Entertainment
Language / Subtitles
English, Japanese / English
8-13 [End]
Run Time
141 minutes

God Eater Part 2 kicks off right where Part 1 left off, right in the heart of the action. After being separated from the rest of the Squad, Lenka and Alisa, with the help of Lindow, return back to base in preparation for Operation Meteorite. However, all isn’t quite as it seems in Fenrir’s Far East Branch. Will Lenka fight again? Will Alisa ever overcome her fear? Will Lindow discover the truth behind the Aegis project?

Synopsis: After the previous encounter with Dyaus Pita that left them both physically and mentally scarred, Lenka and Alisa both return to the base. Feeling there might be a correlation with the Aragami’s behaviors, Lindow decides to go off the reservation and investigate the truth behind the “Aegis Project.” At the same time, Director Johannes Von Schicksal announces the plan to accelerate the completion of the Aegis Project through Operation Meteorite – a means to wipe out a large amount of Aragami and receive their cores.

With newfound resolve, Lenka returns to the battlefield with his new God Arc, designed by Dr. Paylor Sakaki. However, when Lenka is reunited with his teammates, what awaits them is a twisted fate, and the aura of despair brought on by the black Vajra…

Part 2 of God Eater covers the final 6 episodes, 8-13, which includes the episodes which were previously delayed during the initial broadcast. As with the previous part, this part is released by MVM Entertainment on DVD and Blu-ray with both English and Japanese language tracks available. On-disc extras include clean opening and ending themes, which haven’t changed since the first part.

As mentioned in my Part 1 review, not much was explained regarding the plot. I can safely say that the final episodes fill in these gaps. Most of these episodes are filled with flashbacks which explain the events leading to the rise of the Aragami and the fall of Humanity, which was explained well and didn’t leave any gaps. Lenka’s backstory was also touched on in more depth. The final two episodes cover Operation Meteorite and was a satisfying way to end the series, blending in story and action.

Over the course of the full series God Eater‘s story does start off slow and does take a while to fully start explaining backstory but it does pick up in its latter stages and ends on a high note, without leaving any questions unanswered. The animation and music quality throughout the series remains consistently good.

With a good cast, a great soundtrack, blending good story developments with great action sequences, God Eater’s second and final release serves as a good conclusion to a great series.