Review: F1 2018

Release Date
August 24, 2018
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher / Developer
Deep Silver / Codemasters
Multiplayer, Single-player

*Originally published in The Argus Friday, August 31, 2018*

The world of Formula One is fast-paced and exhilarating where the drivers transcend the sport itself and become household names. It is not only about the talents of the drivers though as F1 2018 gives us an in-depth front-row seat at the multifaceted sport that is Formula One.

If you have ever watched a race weekend, you will know that there are multiple practises and a qualifying session before the big race. This is not only important for the driver but for the entire team as numerous adjustments are made across race strategy and car management. F1 2018 leaves nothing to be desired in this regard and encompasses the full Formula One experience. 

When starting the game it can be daunting, with so many aspects of the sport accessible to you. It can take some time to wrap your head around them all. Getting a feel for the game and all it has to offer can take a little time, but once you build up that confidence taking pole position and earning those victories will never feel so good. 

The team you choose to join at the beginning of the season not only determines the level of expectation placed upon you on your performance but can also add a level of challenge if you’re looking to prove your skill in a less competitive car. As you progress through the season your reputation with the team, other drivers and the public can rise or fall. Interviews before and after racing become standard fair and you need to pick your answers carefully and in a timely manner to avoid causing negative attention to yourself or your team.

At the heart of the game is the racing, there are plenty of options for drivers of all abilities when it comes to how much assistance the game provides.


F1 2018 takes the world of Formula One and faithfully recreates an all-encompassing experience in one of the best racing games.

Review copy provided by Deep Silver

Very Good