Review: Cat Quest [Steam]

Release Date
PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Publisher / Developer
PQube / The Gentlebros

Bringing in classic RPG elements to a modern game with a feline twist, Cat Quest rolls into Steam and mobile devices for players to experience this surprisingly addicting new addition from developer The Gentlebros. With simple gaming mechanics and a soundtrack that invokes the feeling of living in a fantasy world, players can easily jump right into the game.

Steam describes the game:
Cat Quest is an open world RPG set in the pawsome world of cats! In search of your catnapped sister you pounce into the massive continent of Felingard – a world crafted in the style of overworld maps of yore and purring with cat-tastic characters, stories, and puns!

Gameplay involves real-time combat against foes in a large, open-world map in a 2D-like landscape. Two ways of attacking are either physical or magical with a system indicating when an enemy will attack, which makes timing a large part of strategy such as whether one should hit and run or keep on attacking then dodging right before an enemy attack. Attacking physically can cause combos, however, there is a slight action delay at the end. Conversely, there is no delay for using magic, however, mana depletes every time magic is used.

The levelling system is quite fair, allowing one to level up at a steady rate. With the dodging or hit and run strategy, it is also possible to take on enemies much stronger than the player as long as one perfects the timing. Collecting gold may be more of a drag because a lot of investment is involved in order to purchase new armour or upgrade and buy new spells. An interesting feature in this game is that obtaining a piece of equipment or weapon already owned does not produce duplicates, but rather, the newly obtain items merges with the old, upgrading the stats. As such, it is sometimes better to obtain the same item to turn an already powerful item even more powerful.

As well as the open-world environment, dungeons can also be explored and are the main source of experience points, gold, and equipment drops. A dungeon is considered cleared if all the enemies are defeated, respawning when the player visits the dungeon again. Along with the main story of saving the player’s sister, there are also side quests which can yield large rewards.

Cat Quest provides various resolution settings as well as an option to play it in fullscreen, borderless, or windowed. There are also nine different languages to choose from. The game feels comfortable to play with either a controller or keyboard and mouse.


Cat Quest is overall quite a simplistic game, however, simplicity does have its charm. It is an easy game to get into as well as fun to play for those wanting to experience a light-hearted RPG.

Review copy provided by PQube