Review: A Lull in the Sea Part 2

Release Date
MVM Entertainment
Language / Subtitles
English, Japanese / English
Run Time
307 Minutes

A Lull in the Sea Part 2 (Nagi no Asukara) from MVM Entertainment is out now! As mentioned in our review of part 1, these two-part standard edition releases are DVD-only with a Blu-ray collector’s edition available later this month; more details on the collector’s edition at the end of this review.

“Long ago, humans lived in the sea. However, some humans defied the Sea God and moved to the land, creating the division that now exists between Shioshishio, the Sea Village, and Oshiooshi, the village of the land. Now, four middle school students from the Sea Village, Manaka Mukaido, Hikari Sakishima, Chisaki Hiradaira, and Kaname Isaki must attend Mihama Middle School on the surface. While getting used to their new lives, these four and their new friend from the surface, Tsumugu Kihara, learn how true bonds of love and friendship can overcome any separation.” – MVM Entertainment Synopsis

We left part 1 of A Lull in the Sea with the Ofunehiki festival in full swing; people of the sea and of the land have pooled together their efforts to bring this traditional festival back into prominence in order to appease the sea god. Throughout the first half of the series, tensions between the people of the sea and of the land continue to strain; only because of the student’s determination to work together, and bring back the Ofunehiki, did the two put aside some of their resentments. However, the final episode of part 1 takes a dramatic turn when whirlpools surround the boats and Shioshishio becomes covered in a strange barrier.

If you watched the bonus episode from part 2, then prepare to relive those events as that is where part 2 opens. You could decide to skip episode 14 if you have already seen it, but it’s a great episode so why not treat yourself if you’re not just in it to complete the show on MyAnimeList. For those that decided not to watch the bonus episode, then part 2 opens on a time-skip and, because of major spoilers, I will say no more, except that you should be prepared to have everything turned upside down.

Not much to say on the visual aspects of the show, although the series continues it’s very high standards of animation quality; I would expect nothing less of P.A. Works. For a more in-depth overview of the visual side of A Lull in the Sea then see our review of part 1.

Much the same as the visuals, audio hasn’t changed much, although there are fewer instances of the ‘Monica-Manaka’ issue. The opening song “ebb and flow”, again by Ray, and the ending song “Mitsuba no Musubime”, also again by Nagi Yanagi, really portray the feelings of inner conflict that the characters have during this half of the series; they feel sad and lonely but at the same time joyful.

Extras on disc one include a trailer, appearing before the menu, for The Eccentric Family which is receiving a collector’s edition Blu-ray release from MVM Entertainment later this year. It’s always nice to be treated to a trailer that is actually relevant to the UK. Under the extras heading on the menu, we are treated with the very standard clean opening and ending animations for part 2. Disc two has a trailer for Nyaruko Crawling with Love! Season 2 before the main menu and includes clean alternate opening and ending animation for part 2, as well as trailers for The Eccentric Family, Nyaruko Crawling with Love! Season 2 and Hanasaku Iroha the Movie: Home Sweet Home.

A Lull in the Sea also comes to collector’s edition Blu-ray from MVM Entertainment on September 21st. The collector’s edition includes episodes 1-26 plus 2 original CD soundtracks and a 76-page full-colour hardcover art book with character info, an episode guide, text commentary, prop designs, and full background art and art settings. For the impatient amongst you, MVM’s own online store is already dispatching pre-orders.

A Lull in the Sea Part 2 continues to impress from episode to episode and retains all the visual mastery that P.A.Works are known for and brought to life in Part 1. With some major plot turn-around propelling the series into its second half, characters are put to the test and the voices behind them really step up their game. If you haven’t already invested in this beautiful series then you owe it to yourself to pick it up!